Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Explosive Hazmat Shuts Down NC Port, Downtown Evacuated

Breaking Story - 10:15 AM CST, Jan 12, 2010 A SPILL OF THE EXPLOSIVE PETN (pentaerythritol tetranitrate) HAS CAUSED OFFICIALS TO CLOSE THE PORT AT MOREHEAD, N.C. The Hazmat situation is developing in the Port of Morehead, North Carolina, after authorities discovered 9 containers known to contain highly explosive material "punctured". WITN (NBC) in North Carolina reports that "PETN is used in detonators, grenades and projectiles and is highly explosive. According to online information, it is usually shipped as a mixture with water. PETN was the explosive used in the Christmas Day terror plot when a man is accused of trying to blow up a Detroit-bound plane." MOREHEAD CITY, N.C. (AP) -- Officials have shut down a North Carolina port and are recommending people leave the area after containers with highly explosive materials were punctured. More... PETN is the type of explosive officials say was inside tanks punctured at the NC Port at Morehead City. According to a local explosives expert, PETN is one of the major classes of explosives and is used in a variety of powerful explosives. It is a primary explosive used in detonating cords, cast boosters and sheet explosives. Source: WITN.com RELATED: N.C. Port Shut Down After Highly Explosive Containers Punctured Fox News The Facts About The Morehead City Port WITN.com Morehead City Spill triggers road, bridge closures Cape Fear Business News Leave a Comment * Conservative T-Shirts * Follow CNB on Twitter * RSS Feed