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Deborah Sims, One of Those Race-Baiting Folks

Which of the following quotes is more racist? "You know, I forgot he was Black tonight, for an hour.... I was watching and I said, Wait a minute! He's an African-American guy, in front of a bunch of other White people, and here he is, President of the United States and we've completely forgotten that tonight." ~ Chris Matthews, MSNBC, talking about Barack Obama after the State of the Union speech, January 27, 2010 "The African-American community is probably forty, fifty percent unemployment, among males in particular. This is not, this is not the way to help them. The way to help those folks is to let them keep their money." ~ Tony Peraica, Cook County (IL) Commissioner, discussing the detremental effects of high sales taxes, January 26, 2010 If you're Deborah Sims, Peraica's quote is more offensive. Matthews, a liberal, seems amazed that an African-American guy could be the president and not seem Black. Tony Peraica, on the other hand, wants to help Black people keep their hard earned money. Shame on him. January 28, 2010 - Cook County Commissioner Deborah Sims pulled the race card at Tuesday's Cook County Board meeting. Sims, a Democrat, did so without provocation, wrongly accusing fellow commissioner Tony Peraica, a Republican, of making a racist remark. The sparks flew as the board was attempting to discuss lowering the Stroger sales tax, which Peraica is in favor of and to which Sims is opposed. The Chicago Tribune's Clout Street reported the bizarre verbal exchange: Peraica, R-Riverside, said he hoped to help African-Americans in the county, whom he argued have been hit particularly hard by the economic downturn, avoid paying more taxes. "The way to help those folks is to let them keep their money in their pocket," he said. That prompted Commissioner Deborah Sims, D-Chicago, to accuse Peraica of having made a racist comment. "'Those folks?' That is just the most racist statement that has ever been made in this board," Sims said. "To say on this board 'Those people, those folks'? What 'those folks' are you referring to?" Sims asked. "You owe the community and the people of Cook County an apology for that one." Fox Chicago sums it up [emphasis added]: Peraica was discussing the Cook County sales tax when he used the phrase "those folks" to refer to unemployment in the African-American community. Commissioner Deborah Sims - who is black - took offense. She said it was the most racist statement ever made at a board meeting. Peraica said he meant "all folks" in Cook County who have been affected by the economy. He says Sims pulled the race card and called her response outrageous. "Ridicule is man's most potent weapon. It is almost impossible to counteract ridicule. Also it infuriates the opposition, which then reacts to your advantage." Rules for Power Tactics, (pps.127-134) ~ Saul Alinsky, Rules for Radicals "Those folks?" When did that become a racist slur? Even liberal columnist Eric Zorn thinks that Sims's reaction to Peraica's innocent phrase is absurd, as he wrote on Jan. 27: Wild, irresponsible charges of racism poison race relations far more even than slips of the tongue. But until someone makes a better argument than Sims did (she, too, was interviewed by Jarrett, above), I wouldn't even put Peraica's statement into that category. Sims is clearly off the deep end in all of this. She is so hung up on the phrase "those folks" that her brain has turned to politically correct Jell-O. Yesterday, Greg Jarrett had both Sims and Peraica on his show at WGN 720 AM. Jarrett said to Sims that "it doesn't make any sense to bring up racism when somebody just says 'those folks.' with reference to a group." Sims said this: "Greg, you're absolutely right." Wait, wait, he's right? Soooo, Sims admits she's wrong? Nope, no chance. Jell-O Brain Sims continued: "I would think in this day and time," Sims said, "that that would not be part of his language. That you would refer to any group of people as 'those folks.'" Jarrett asked Sims when the phrase "those folks" became racist. Sims: "When, ah, he referenced it as 'those folks' when he was talking about the African-American community." Jarrett: "So you can refer to a Hispanic community as 'those folks' but you can't refer to a Black community as 'those folks.' That's a new rule?" Sims: "No, that's not a new rule. He shouldn't refer to them as 'those folks' either." Let's play Sims's own game here. Did she not just refer to the Hispanic community as "them?" How dare she! Jarrett: "How about a group of White people who are teachers, 'those folks over there,' you can't do that either?" Sims: "No! If it's White people, and you refer to them as 'those folks,' it's wrong." Sims is either insane or is intentionally applying Alinsky's tactics. Would she insist that a group of Caucasian teachers be referred to as "the White people who are teachers community?" This pushes political correctness to the extreme of stupidity. Jarrett again asked Sims when "those folks" became derogatory. Sims: "It was in the vein in which the conversation was headed in the beginning." Sims did not answer Jarrett's question of when the phrase became derogatory. " Jarrett turned to Peraica for comments. Peraica said that he was referring to "I'm mystified by the comments of my fellow commissioner Deborah Sims, who apparently cannot rationally, logically argue against lowering the Stroger sales tax that she has supported continually, and when I referred to 'those folks' I was talking about all people who lost their jobs because of high taxes here, who are unemployed, whose mortgages are in foreclosure, who cannot pay their real estate taxes, who are facing bankruptcy because we are constantly increasing their taxes in this difficult economic time. It had nothing to do with racism whatsoever." Jarrett asked Peraica if he might not be "back peddling" on his remark. Peraica said, no, go listen to the actual audio from the board meeting on WBEZ. Here's what Peraica said at the meeting: "The African-American community," Peraica said, using a Sims-approved phrase, "is probably forty, fifty percent unemployment, among males in particular. This is not, this is not the way to help them," he said, meaning high sales taxes. "The way to help those folks is to let them keep their money." You may recall that Sims told Jarrett her problem with Peraica was the way "the conversation was headed in the beginning." Perhaps Jarrett is audio-challenged, or she just wasn't paying attention when Peraica began his statement with "the African-American community." No matter, as a leftist and a race-baiter, Sims was not paying attention to Peraica's real message or intentions. Rather, she was waiting for the slightest opportunity to call him a racist, and she found just that: The slightest opportunity imaginable. Good Lord, here's a man - Tony Peraica - who is trying to convince his colleagues that unemployed people need help. He expressed a strong desire in the board meeting to lower taxes, so as to help unemployed people, particularly "those folks" in "the African-American community" who have been hit hardest by high taxation. And Sims, a soldier for Stroger, a politically correct leftist ideologue, cannot counter Peraica's call for lower taxes logically. Her response: Call Peraica a racist. Peraica is correct to call Sims's response "outrageous." It is sadly typical of liberals and Democrats. Most Black folks are not racist, just as most White folks are not racist. However, there are folks in both groups who, in fits of paranoia, see or hear racism where it simply does not exist. Worse, some pretend to be "offended" by innocent statements simply to make the false accusation of racism against an opponent in the hope of gaining points in an argument. Rather than give a rational, logical argument to Peraica's points on taxes, Sims chose instead to resort to a typical Liberal trick: Accuse your opponent of being a racist. Sometimes they'll use "Nazi," or "tea bagger," or one of a dozen other slurs. It's meant to distract and diminish the opponent. It's a very Alinskyesque tactic, although Alinksy did not invent it. I believe the tactic was invented by a young child several thousand years ago, when losing an argument with an opposing young child, by blurting out that her opponent was a "poopy head." The other children laughed and pointed at the alleged poopy head, who became so distracted by the sudden scorn that he forget what he was saying and slouched off. The kid who made the accusation "won" the argument, and the tactic was quickly adopted by actual poopy heads and passed down through generations until it evolved into false accusations such as the one Deborah Sims made on Tuesday. The irony in all of this is that Peraica would be excused quickly if he was a liberal Democrat named Harry Reid. RELATED: Top Democrat defends Reid for remarks - Washington Times Racist Democrats vs. Colorblind Republicans - HUMAN EVENTS Tony Peraica Video Conversation, Part 5 of 6 - In this installment, Peraica cites fellow commissioner Deborah Sims as an example of the tax-and-spend mentality in Cook County government - Famous Racist Quotes by Democrats Hip Hop Republican: Top Racist Democrat Quotes Democrats in Trouble Over Racist Remarks - Democrats benefit from double standard with racial remarks Reid apologizes for racial remarks about Obama during campaign ... 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