Danny Glover and Pat Robertson are Both Crazy

Televangelist Pat Robertson recently said that Haiti's disastrous earthquake was supernatural punishment. "They were under the heel of the French. You know, Napoleon the third, or whatever. And they got together and swore a pact to the devil," he told viewers of his 700 Club television show on Wednesday, Jan. 13. We'll assume that by "the devil" he meant Satan. Robertson's statement was nutty and I don't share his opinion that the poor Haitian people are being punished because their ancestors might have made "a pact" with Satan - or anybody else. What the Haitian people are paying for, and dearly, is a multi-generational endurance of bad government policies. The eastern two-thirds of Hispaniola, the island that Haiti sits on, is home to the Dominican Republic, a nation full of resorts and lush greenery, decent infrastructure and democratic institutions. Satan had nothing to do with their current situation, either. As crazy as it sounds, however, Robertson's statement is not as crazy as what Danny Glover said when he spoke on Grit.tv recently. The two statements, however, have remarkable similarities.
Danny Glover, a mentally deranged Liberal, actor and lover of socialist dictators, spoke by phone and gave his theory as to why Haiti was hit by a horrible earthquake. Glover blamed the earthquake on global warming, climate change and the failed Copenhagen conference (COP15). "When we did what we did at the climate summit in Copenhagen," he said, "this is the response, this is what happens, you know what I'm sayin'?" (Hear it in the video.) Glover's theory about the cause of the Haitian earthquake is more bizarre than Robertson's for a few reasons.
Glover is crazy to begin with, but he's also so damned ignorant that he does not understand that a degree or two of climate change does not affect tectonics (earthquakes). Earthquakes are geological. Weather and climate are metorological. There is no such thing as "earthquake weather." The popular theory that the alignment of the moon and the sun can cause earthquakes has no established scientific basis. But there's Glover, who doesn't understand these simple facts, trying to sound all uptown by giving us his idiotic, superstition-based based that the failure of COP15 caused the recent quake in Haiti. Ye Gods! Whereas Robertson's theory of a pact with Satan ("the devil") is based religious theory, said theory is many millennia old. Glover's theory boils down to this: The planet Earth, "Gaia," if you will, is pissed off because a conference held a few months ago in Denmark did not turn out the way some humans had hoped it would. Both Robertson's theory and Glover's theory require faith to be believed. But ask yourself which is easier to have faith in: Robertson's supernatural being (Satan/the devil), who wants to enslave Mankind? Or Glover's planet, an inanimate ball of rocks and minerals with a molten center that is mostly covered by a thin coating of water? Robertson is correct in saying that the French once held tyrannical rule over Haiti. The Haitians revolted and threw the French out. As for the alleged pact with Satan, well, there are plenty of people who have literally sworn allegiance to Satan and have not suffered as Haiti has. Also, Robertson doesn't explain why the descendents of those he says dealt with Satan are paying for any alleged contract that their ancestors signed with Satan. By rights, I suppose, it's the original signers of the mythical contract that should have suffered the recent 7.0 earthquake. If Glover's theory of a planet angered by a failed conference is to be believed, one must ask why Gaia has not yet destroyed California with a 10.0 earthquake, or why Gaia never lifted a finger to defeat Hitler's Germany or Tojo's Japan. Perhaps Glover thinks Gaia is ticked off because Humankind has failed to stop any slight warming that might be occurring, even though thousands of periods of severe warming and cooling predate the Industrial Revolution by thousands, millions and billions of years. The Satan theory put forward by Robertson is, frankly, more logical. Glover, as mentioned, loves socialist dictators. In the photo here, he embraces Venezuelan crazyman Hugo Chavez. Now, Chavez believes firmly in Satan. You may recall that Chavez has, on at least two occasions, said he could smell the sulphur in the room because Satan had just been present. Perhaps Chavez, too, believes in Robertson's theory about Haiti's current state of affairs being tied to a pact with the devil. I would love to see Glover and Chavez in a debate over these dueling theories. As I said, both theories require faith, with requires leaps of logic. But let's look at the Robertson and Glover theories as screenplays, just for the sake of discussion. Which character would make "more sense?" Satan, a fallen angel bent on revenge and enslavement, who becomes angry with a group of people because of a broken contract? Or Gaia, a spherical chunk of real estate floating through space that becomes homicidally annoyed by a failed conference? I gotta go with the Satan character. Alec Baldwin would be a great casting choice, you know what I'm sayin'?. ALSO SEE: Pact With Gaia - Daily Telegraph (Australia) Leave a Comment * Conservative T-Shirts * Follow CNB on Twitter * RSS Feed