Friday, January 29, 2010

Another Case of Blue Beating Down Black

by Chris Barkulis I have many close friends on either side of the political spectrum. One thing I've maintained in private, and even mentioned to those friends of mine on the left, is that I witness more racist comments from my Liberal friends than from my conservative friends. Yes, these liberal friends of mine are White. And, yes, they make these comments in private conversation to me because I am White as well. However, after Chris Matthews' comments after the State of the Union by President Obama it made me think. Libs try to claim race should not be an issue. I've never seen it as an issue. We're all equal, right? Not in background but in potential. I believe anyone can make anything they want to of themselves in this country. We see it time and time again. At the same time, though, Libs continually think of race and make comments that you would have to apologize for if you were a conservative. Take a look at Matthews' synopsis of the State of the Union: I find it ironic that Matthews actually had to "forget" that the President was black. I know that Obama is black. You know he's black. There is nothing to "forget." At the same time though, I don't care what his skin color is. I care that he is socializing our country more and more by pushing failing or lack-luster policies to "correct" his former failed policies. My point here is that yet again I see a Lib who brings skin color to the forefront, for whatever reason. It's funny because I thought we were all supposed to be color-blind now. Apparently, Chris Matthews is color-blind only for short periods of time when he wants to be the condescending White man in the room. Maybe sometime soon people, regardless of skin color, will see through this Liberal nonsense. If a conservative or Republican were to make that same comment about "forgetting" President Obama was black "for an hour" it would be spun by the Libs that Republicans are racist to essentially equate a Black man to a "well-spoken" White person. Um, Senator Reid (D-NV)? Any clarification? Democratic Party, any clarification? Of course not. The Black leaders within the Democratic Party are happy to forgive those within their party promptly because they are in power among their community and comfortable while working off the backs of those that put their trust in them. I wish all people equality in potential. Nothing should limit any citizen of our country. Except for those of us that allow individuals to oppress us through artificial problems propagated by those organizing groups for personal political means. Leave a Comment * Conservative T-Shirts * Follow CNB on Twitter * RSS Feed