Monday, November 30, 2009

Whistleblower Got Climategate Emails, Not Hacker

Well well, seems "Climategate" may have been an inside job by a disgruntled employee, if you will. Perhaps the falsification of climate data finally sickened the insider enough that he/she just couldn't sleep well at night any longer. This shocking revelation is reported in a November 30 article at the Washington Examiner. The article starts by reminding us that "reams of information were posted on a Russian server detailing the inner workings" of climate researchers, and that the information shows that those researchers have been fudging data to make it conform to their political agenda. For over a week and a half, it was thought that a Russian hacker gained access to e-mails but now, it turns out, it was a whistleblower from within: "The information included e-mails, computer codes, annotations to code and the like," writes Chris Horner for the Examiner. He notes that many of the documents were communiques "responding to a long-frustrated series of requests under the United Kingdom's freedom of information law." Horner's bombshell comes in this sentence: "This is only one of numerous factors indicating that the disclosures were not the work of a 'hacker,' as the media parrot without evidence, but a whistleblower on the inside." Full Article here... Leave a Comment Conservative T-Shirts Follow CNB on Twitter RSS Feed