Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Muslim Anti-Christian Riots in Egypt (and Happy Thanksgiving)

Somebody, please tell me again: Why is Islam called the "religion of peace?" I'm trying to understand, really, but it's just so damned hard when I keep seeing stories like this one from the Assyrian International News Agency (emphasis added): Upper Egypt (AINA) -- On Monday November 23, 2009 Muslim rioters looted and burned Coptic Christian businesses in the village of Abou Shousha, which lies 25 KM from Farshoot [300 miles south of Cairo]. The terrorized Coptic inhabitants of Abou Shusha have stayed indoors, their shops are closed and their children are being kept away from school. They fear a repeat in their village of the Muslim violence which engulfed the town of Farshoot less than 36 hours earlier (AINA 11-22-2009).... The Middle East Christian Association (MECA) reported that at least three large Coptic stores and a pharmacy were looted and burnt in Abou Shusha and that the fire brigade arrived one hour late, although their headquarters is only 8 KM away from the village. "They gave the pretext of being busy in Farshoot, which is untrue, as Farshoot had a quiet night," said Wagih Yacoub of MECA. "Coptic and Muslim neighbors tried to put the fire out." A video posted by Free Copts shows the Abou Shusha fires. FULL ARTICLE at The religious makeup of Egypt is 90% Muslim (mostly Sunni) and 10% Christian (9% Coptic Christian and 1% other Christian) according to the CIA World Factbook. This round of riots has been going on for days now. An earlier report from AINA (via CNN's iReport) tells us that the violence started "early morning on Saturday, November 21" in Farshoot, but also in nearby villages Kom Ahmar, Shakiki and Ezbet Waziri. Farshoot has been "the scene of ongoing Muslim mob violence against Coptic Christian inhabitants. The mob looted, vandalized and burnt Coptic property, while Copts hid indoors fearing to venture out. Reuters Cairo reported that a witness said "chaos is overwhelming (in the city)." A report from Bikya Masr explains further: "In recent weeks, Egypt has witnessed an increase in sectarian violence between Muslims and the Christian minority. As usual, these attacks took place in Upper Egypt. This time, it was reported that a young Christian man allegedly distributed a CD 'containing images that distort the reputation of a Muslim girl.' The Christian man’s father was killed in retaliation." Full Article at Bikya Masr... You got that? A guy distributes a nasty CD, and a mob kills his father. Such a peaceful bunch, those savages. Such a peaceful, tolerant religion! What a backward, primitive, hellish place Egypt is. Pyramids and the Nile, tributes to dead times. The living Egypt is a swamp of tribal "justice," brutish people, filth and bigotry to a degree that most Americans cannot imagine. Remember the Christians of Egypt, America, on your Thanksgiving Day, and thank God Almighty that multiculturalism has not yet done to the United States what it has done for centuries in so much of the rest of the world. Say a prayer for the persecuted in Egypt and elsewhere on this harsh planet. Thank God every night when you go to bed that you live in a place where the guy you flipped off in traffic yesterday is not likely to gather his tribe and burn you out of your mud hut village. Thank God for the people who risked their lives to found this nation, so that people from around this troubled planet could finally, after thousands of years of suffering, have an island of sanity and peace in a sea of violent madness. Thank God that your ancestors, perhaps even you, were able to make it to these shores. Pass the cranberry sauce. RELATED ARTICLES: The Jawa Report: Anti-Christian Riots Spreading in Egypt Egypt: “Muslim Mob” of 3000 Attack Christian Businesses ... Hundreds Riot in Egypt Over Muslim Rape Claim - Daily Religious Intensified Persecution of Christians in Iran Archbishop: Iraqi Christians suffer "'religious persecution Palestinian Christians Suffer Under the Palestinian Authority ... Persecution of Christians in Pakistan - Frontier India World ... Persecution of Christians in China, late October Chinese Christians Condemn Obama Backgrounders: Mubarak in denial about the plight of Copts in Egypt - 2006, Jihad Watch Turkish Persecution of Christians Becoming More Brazen - 2005, Jihad Watch Egyptians Worried About Sectarian Violence - 2005, Voice of America Persecuted Countries: Egypt - Christian Persecution Blog: Prayer Over Persecution of Christians Gates of Vienna: Cultural Genocide Against Christians News Media Ignoring Persecution of Christians Around the World Leave a Comment Conservative T-Shirts Follow CNB on Twitter RSS Feed