Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Joe Moore Not at Obama's First State Dinner

Pity Joe Moore. He's the flabby, limp tool of an alderman in Chicago, lord of the 49th Ward on the far northeast side of town, tucked just under Evanston. Moore, best known for his opposition to foie gras, taking massive amounts of money from SEIU, and making life difficult for developers, has tried so very hard to associate himself with Barack Obama. However, he didn't have enough clout to attend Obama's inauguration back in January. This week, Moore was excluded from Obama's first state dinner guest list. That list included plenty of people who should be in prison, plenty of corrupt scum. Moore would have fit right in. For about three years now, Moore has posed for photos with Obama. Obama endorsed Moore in his re-election campaign of 2007. Then, Moore endorsed Obama in the presidential election of 2008. Moore and his wife sent a letter to their constituents, urging them to vote for Obama, in which the Moore's bragged about their close relationship with the soon-to-be First Couple. The Obamas and the Moores are, after all, Chicago corruptocrats, and Chicago corruptocrats support each other. It's the code. There was even speculation that if Obama won, Moore might get an appointment to some Washington office. Ha! Congresswench Jan Schakowsky (9th Dist) is an old friend of Joe Moore, via Moore's previous wife. Schakowsky's husband, Robert "Mister Kite" Creamer, is a convicted felon. Jan and Bob were on the guest list for the Obama State Dinner. Bob and Joe used to hang out a lot more than they do now, before Bob's conviction for check kiting. There are still rumors that Joe was part of that whole scandal, but we'll leave that to a future grand jury. There are still rumors that Moore's first wife left him because he is impotenet, but I must emphasize that those rumors have not yet been substantiated. Alas, I digress. Schakowsky lives just up the road from Moore. She and her criminal husband were guests at the Obama's first state dinner, at the White House. Joe and Babs were not. They were not invited. The last time Joe was at the White House, he stood outside the fence and was told to go away. To our knowledge, Joe Moore has never set foot in the White House in any capacity other than tourist. To our knowledge, he never will be invited to the White House. Oh, how we overestimated Joe Moore's political influence. Oh, what tragicomedy. Leave a Comment Conservative T-Shirts Follow CNB on Twitter RSS Feed