Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Huge Protests Rage Today in Iran (Nov. 4)

123Today, the Persian people are fighting for their rights - and their lives - in Iran, coincidentally on the 30th anniversary of the siege of the US Embassy in Tehran (thanks in large part to Pres. Jimmy Carter). The people of Iran are not giving up - are you paying attention, Tea Partiers?
The Mullahs and Ahmadi-Nejad have underestimated the will of the Iranian people. This is because they assume that they can fully control the people of Iran. But Iran exists far beyond her borders. The true Iran is embraced by the American people; the true Iran is embraced by the French, the Swiss, the Canadians and even the British. Just as the Iranians demonstrated in the streets of Iran/Tehran to show their solidarity after September 11th, we, Planet Iran, an untouchable number of people are giving tireless support to the people in Iran during their quest for freedom.(Source: Planet Iran)
123This video shows protesters begging Obama to help them. They chant "Obama, Obama, either with them or us." So far, Obama has wimped out in showing any real support for their fight against tyranny.
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