Thursday, November 26, 2009

Finally, We See Inside Block 37 (#fail)

Once known as "the world's most famous vacant block" and used as a public ice skating rink, Block 37 is now open for business. But it's a disappointing opening, apparently. YouTuber "YoChicago1" posted this inside view of the troubled "Block 37," a chunk of prime real estate in the middle of Chicago's downtown "Loop." Over the years, Block 37 has been profoundly screwed up as only Mayor Daley, the City Council and socialist meddling could. On Nov. 25, YoChicago1 visited Block 37 and writes: "The long-awaited opening of the shops at Block 37 has begun. Zara, Puma, Godiva and a few others have opened, but the mall was nearly barren of retail traffic when I visited at around noon the Wednesday before Thanksgiving. I left thinking: Bleak 37; retail fail." Ah, and the drama continues as the Block 37 developer seeks investors as a receiver is appointed. Chicago: The city that works (kind of). Also See: Developer loses control of Block 37Block 37 Mall opens…kind of Who's Daley supporting in the battle for Block 37? guest commentary: world's most famous vacant lot under development (2006) Leave a Comment Conservative T-Shirts Follow CNB on Twitter RSS Feed