Monday, November 2, 2009

Defeat Dirty Deeds in Virginia, November 3 Election

Bob McDonnell is running against Creigh Deeds for governor in Virginia. The November 3 election is being watched as closely as the Congressional race in New York's 23rd District is being scrutinized. On November 3, Virginians have the opportunity to stick it to the big-government, high taxing, heavy regulating Democrats. History will be made. Virginians will either choose more of the same, or real hope for real change. So, to Virginia we ask: Will you make the right choice tomorrow, on Tuesday, November 3 when you vote for your next governor. Will it be Democrat Creigh Deeds or Republican Bob McDonnell? As I sit here in Chicago, following your gubernatorial race as closely as I can (while also monitoring our fascist Mayor Daley and his City Clowncil), I must turn to those more in touch with Virginia politics than I am. One of those people is Chris Obenshain, who wrote a must-read piece at the blog "Bearing Drift - Virginia Politics on Demand." Obenshain's post, titled "Virginia’s Choice: Being Someone or Doing Something," is one of the best pieces of the many I've read about tomorrow's seemingly easy choice. Good luck on November 3, Virginia. The nation - indeed, the world - is watching. Will you go with a do-nothing big spender, or a man who truly wants - and knows how - to reduce the burden of taxes and regulation? Seems like and easy enough decision. Despite polls showing McDonnell in the lead, do not take anything for granted. Get out there and vote, Virginians. Every single vote - your vote - counts. Read Obenshain's article, watch the McDonnell campaign video below, and please see the related article links under the video. [McDonnell campaign ad at YouTube] RELATED: VA Gov Polls: The Deeds Looks Done YouTube - Deeds On the Ropes on Taxes Republicans Are Poised for Gains in Key Elections - Wall Street Journal Patterico's Pontifications » Obama Throws Creigh Deeds Under the Bus Conservative Caps, Shirt and more! Leave a Comment - Chicago News Bench RSS Feed Visit us on Twitter!