Sunday, November 1, 2009

CBS-2, BGA Investigation of Aldermanic "Menu" Spending

The Better Government Association (BGA) and CBS-2 Investigative Reporter Pam Zekman joined forces to expose the use of so-called aldermanic "Menu" expenditures. All fifty Chicago aldermen get $1.3 million per year to fund improvement projects for the wards. Most aldermen dutifully dole out the dough to finance street repairs, blue-light security cameras, speed bumps and road resurfacing, but the BGA and CBS-2 found that some aldermen have refused to fund projects that voters want and residents say they desperately need. Check out Pam Zekman's story at this link and below: Check out your ward to see what your alderman is doing with the money: For 2007: For 2008: If you have information the public should know about this issue or any issue involving government at any level, contact the Better Government Association at Conservative Caps, Shirt and more! Leave a Comment - Chicago News Bench RSS Feed Visit us on Twitter!