Friday, November 6, 2009

Call Rep. Schakowsky TODAY!

Let Congresswoman Jan Schakowsky (D-IL 9) know how disgusted you are with the Democrats' attempts to force Americans to buy sub-standard, government run health insurance. Tell her how upset you are that she and her party have been secretive about the 2,000+ pages-long health "reform" bill, their lack of transparency, and their strongarm tactics and lies. To help you get in the mood for that phone call to Schak's D.C. office, first read the propaganda email being sent across the nation by Obama's "Organizing For America." (If you don't live in the 9th Cong. District of Illinois, the email will have your congressman's name instead of Schakowsky's. Click here to find contact info for your Senators and Congressmen.) How to contact Schakowsky's offices: 2367 Rayburn Hob, Washington, DC‎ - (202) 225-2111‎ 5533 N. Broadway Street, Chicago, IL‎ - (773) 506-7100‎ 820 Davis Street # 105, Evanston, IL‎ - (847) 328-3409‎ Now to the email, dated November 6, 2009, complete with lies and distortions: This is it -- the House of Representatives will vote on health insurance reform tomorrow. All signs point to it being incredibly close, possibly coming down to a small handful of representatives or even a single vote. The health insurance industry and their lobbyists are doing all they can to stop reform -- and your representative, Rep. Jan Schakowsky, and the rest of Congress, is under tremendous pressure. Right now, your voice could make all the difference. Call Rep. Schakowsky at 202-225-2111 today and click here to report your call back to us. (Not your representative? Click here to look yours up.) Tell the staffer who answers that you're counting on Rep. Schakowsky to stand strong and vote for reform -- because that's what the voters back home depend on. And if they're working for reform, tell them you'll stand with them and thank them for their hard work on this issue. Here's just a few of the ways the House Bill would directly help people in Rep. Schakowsky's district [1]: 79,000 uninsured individuals would gain access to high-quality, affordable health insurance; • Up to 13,600 small businesses could receive tax credits to provide coverage for their employees; • 6,500 seniors would avoid the donut hole in Medicare; • This bill is fully paid for and will not increase the deficit, while ensuring 98.4% of taxpayers in the district will not pay a dime more in taxes because of reform. After decades of false starts, we may be mere hours away from passing comprehensive health insurance reform through the House of Representatives. But the insurance company lobbyists will stop at nothing to block reform and we can't stop fighting now. President Obama is visiting the House tomorrow to call for reform, and I hope you'll add your voice to his right away. If you haven't called before, now is the time. And if you have recently called, thank you -- now please ask friends, family members, and co-workers in your district to join you. Everything we're fighting for comes down to moments like this. Thank you for stepping up, Mitch Mitch Stewart Director Organizing for America RELATED: Chicago News Bench: Did Jan Schakowsky Have Lesbian Spy Affair? YouTube - Rep Jan Schakowsky pushes single payer healthcare Chicago News Bench: OFA Astroturfing Big Time for Schakowsky That 1990-page Democratic health care bill? It's longer now ... Conservative Caps, Shirt and more! Leave a Comment - Chicago News Bench RSS Feed Visit us on Twitter!