Slideshow of Chicago's March on the Media, Oct 16

Chicago News Bench jumped a CTA train to Chicago's downtown yesterday to photograph the "March on the Media." The pix are in the slideshow below. A bunch of anarchists bent on destruction, er, I mean a bunch of nicely dressed middle class people held homemade signs to show their disgust with the biased coverage of current events by ABC and CBS. In the slideshow below, the largely-middle aged mob peacefully demonstrates at CBS-2 at 22 W. Washington Blvd. At one point, CBS-2's political news editor Mike Flannery came out and spoke with some of the protesters. It was a pointless effort, as he was barraged by questions he had no good answer for, such as "Why didn't you guys cover the ACORN scandals?" I wonder if Mr. Flannery would have been as willing to go outside to address a bunch of nicely dressed middle class protesters - I mean, a bunch of anarchists bent on destruction? HINT: Clicking on any of the slides will take you directly to the online photo album! Conservative Caps, Shirt and more! Leave a Comment - Chicago News Bench RSS Feed Visit us on Twitter!

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