Friday, October 9, 2009

A Question For You, Mr. President

Guest commentary by Bruce Martin Mr. President, you've made it clear you do not consider “enhanced interrogation” such as simulated drowning, sleep deprivation, and so on as torture. You have categorically rejected them as acceptable techniques for obtaining time sensitive and crucial information to be used to protect Americans from the horrific acts that are being carried out by the very, very bad people who hate America. That is how you feel, is it not? As our president, you are the face of America. So please answer the following question for the American people. If people who have sworn their lives to destroy us should ever take your two daughters or your wife, Mr. President, what would you do? God forbid that this ever happens. I pray it does not happen to you or to any American, but would you not want to use every possible means to obtain information that would bring them back to you safely? Would you inflict upon them whatever pain is necessary to get those vermin to disclose the information that could prevent harm to your daughters and your wife? Could you look your wife in her eyes and tell her that you would rather not save your children because waterboarding is torture? Is there anything you would NOT do to save them? Would you refuse to order our interrogators to “hold back” and be “civil” to their captors? Or would you green-light those interrogators to use any technique that would work? You say that these techniques are not appropriate for use in protecting average Americans - but are your convictions and principles so rigid, to glued to philosophical dogma that you wouldn’t bend just a little if it meant the difference between saving your loved ones or not? We live in a very dangerous world. We are all targets. You and your family are probably in the Top Ten on their list of targets. I’m sure you’ll be open minded about this, Mr. President. We're all interested in your answer, which must come in deeds rather than words. Conservative Caps, Shirt and more! Leave a Comment - Chicago News Bench RSS Feed Visit us on Twitter!