Thursday, October 1, 2009

Olympics, the Chicago Way

Michelle Malkin (video below) blows discussed the dirty Olympics dealings in Chicago by and for Obama and his posse with Sean Hannity last night. (Hat tip to Bluegrass Pundit.)  Also see "Olympic-sized boondoggle: What Valerie Jarrett and Michelle Obama are up to," a good summary of the chummy relationship between Chicago Mayor Daley’s former lawyer Valerie Jarrett (now the White House Senior Advisor and Michelle Obama's former employer). As noted by Malkin: "Jarrett’s slum lord record in Chicago is highly relevant to her current and ongoing pursuit of Chicago’s 2016 Olympic bid — which will cost taxpayers nearly $5 billion and bring an untold windfall to developers and contractors." Can't you just imagine Mayor Daley saying "Jarrett? Jarrett? I don't know anybody named Jarrett, and even if I did, am I supposed to know everything about their slumlord activities? Ridiculous!"  Also see: Obama Advisor Valerie Jarrett Linked to Real Estate Scandals and The Marxist Web of Chicago: Marilyn Katz the Enabler of Valerie Jarrett

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