Friday, October 9, 2009

Obama's Bush Bashing Blame-O-Rama

Blame Bush! That's the unofficial mantra of the Democrat Party, and Barack Obama is not immune to the pyschosis. Michael Swartz points out that blaming Bush is a hollow that has little - if any - substance this late in the game. Swartz writes that "since his swearing in on January 20 Barack Obama has continued to blame his predecessor for 'inherited' problems and the President may indeed have had a few legitimate complaints." Obama's eagerness to blame the previous administration for current woes, however, is hypocritical. Swartz addresses points this out, noting Obama's hypocrisy: Yet he’s been unwilling to change many Bush-era policies, particularly in the realm of national security. Obama has also chosen to ramp up the war in Afghanistan while continuing the withdrawal from Iraq begun in the latter stages of President Bush’s term. As Commander-in-Chief President Obama has the perfect right to halt these military endeavors but chosen against complete withdrawal, frustrating his support base on the antiwar Left to no end. Full Post at NetRight Nation... As for the war that Obama inherited, it should be remembered that both presidents Lyndon Johnson and Richard Nixon inherited a war in Viet Nam from a previous administration - that of John Kennedy. Both Johnson and Nixon continued that war, escalating it exponentially from the Kennedy days. Whereas Obama shows no sign at this point of escalating the war effort in either Iraq or Afghanistan, he is showing a deadly similarity to Johnson and Nixon in one crucial way: His willingness to stay in a war without a willingess or the fortitude to actually win it. That cost Johnson his presidency when the Democrat Party made it clear to him that he would not get their support for nomination to a second term. Johnson decided to not seek a second term. Obama has apparently not learned the lesson of Viet Nam: Don't start (or engage in) a war that you have no intention of winning. Democrat and liberal voters are growing more and more frustrated with Obama every week over broken promises, not the least of which is his action - or inaction - regarding our overseas military engagements. Obama might want to get to work now on a withdrawal speech. No, not withdrawal from Iraq or Afghanistan, but withdrawal from the 2012 presidential election. It's time for Obama to stop whining and deflecting responsibility, or to get out of the way. Conservative Caps, Shirt and more! Leave a Comment - Chicago News Bench RSS Feed Visit us on Twitter!