October 30, 2009

Now We Know Aldermen's Shit Don't Stink

Oh, to be a member of the Royal City Council of Chicago. But even Chicago royalty - and those who think they should be treated royally - are challenged now and then. Some of the 50 pompous asses on Chicago's City Council, also known as "crooks" or "aldermen," think they're too damned good for security checks. You know, the same security checks that their subjects must endure when entering many a public building. We've known for many years that most of them are elitist prisses, but their recent whining about being required to walk through a metal detector merely offers reconfirmation. The Chicago Sun-Times's Fran Spielman (a favorite) reported on this latest examle of pomposity on October 30: Chicago aldermen with their noses out of joint today demanded to know why they are searched along with the masses at the city’s central headquarters for administrative hearings. Spielman quotes one of the aldermen, an elitist prick who seems to feel that his gold badge magically proves to security guards that he is not bent on committing physical harm with a weapon: “Why am I searched as an alderman and as an attorney?…I don’t want to be searched going through a city building. There’s only 50 of us and we all have gold badges,” said Ald. Howard Brookins (21st). Oooooh, not only as an alderman, but as an attorney! With a gold frikking badge! Brookins, however, was not the only pompous ass in the room. Among the others was Her Royal Lowness Carrie Austin: Budget Committee Chair Carrie Austin (34th) was so “offended,” she warned Bruner what might happen if he fails to “take another look at your policy.” Pompous Ass Austin actually threatened to screw with somebody's budget just because she was being treated like anybody else entering the city’s central headquarters for administrative hearings. Elitist? Austin's abuse of power and position fits the definition. Hell, she is the definition. “It’s not a matter of giving anybody any preference. But us that are aldermen—we are the ones who set your budget. If we’re the ones setting your budget maybe we’ll take an adjustment” downward, if the policy is not rescinded, Austin warned. Full article at Chicago Sun-Times... In other words, bow down to me, commoner, kiss my ring or I shall punish you for your insolence. Well, screw you, Howard Brookins and Carrie Austin, and screw all the rest of the pantloads on the City Council who feel that they're above the law and deserve special treatment. Shove your gold badges up your gold-plated asses, with the pins well extended. Conservative Caps, Shirt and more! Leave a Comment - Chicago News Bench RSS Feed Visit us on Twitter!

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