Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Mayor Daley's Grave

“I don’t know why you already put me in the grave.” ~ Mayor Daley, Chicago Chicago's Mayor Richard M. Daley, the arrogant ass who heads Chicago's government, made a little joke yesterday. Dan Mihalopoulos told us about it in his Clout Street column yesterday: At his first City Hall news conference since Chicago failed to land the 2016 Summer Games, Daley was asked if he expected to pay any political price for the loss."None whatsoever" Daley replied. Like I said: Arrogant. Ass. After participating in one of the lamest presentations ever given to an International Olympics Committee (IOC), which finally put a city whose vast majority opposed hosting the 2016 Olympics at ease, and after spending countless (they're still counting) dollars on the effort, Daley was glib. He's always glib. He's a jolly, glib, arrogant ass. “I don’t know why you already put me in the grave,” he said. “I know you’re all planning on it, don’t worry.” Ha ha ha. With approximately $500 Million in TIF money sitting idle somewhere now that it won't be used to displace thousands of poor people and enrich his political allies in the name of making Michelle Obama's father's ghost happy, Mayor Daley thinks nobody will hold the whole boondoggle against him. Nah, why should we? With the constant swirl of corruption around him, Daley thinks that most voters in Chicago are too stupid to unelect him. Is Daley right? He might be, but I think this time that he's wrong. Many of remember his unauthorized midnight destruction of Meigs Field, a perfectly functional - and profitable - airport. He's the guy who says you can't own a handgun to protect yourself even as he is escorted by his cadre of armed bodyguards. Daley is the man who has presided over the dismal failure known as the Chicago Public Schools and thinks that throwing more money at the unions and having a mystical pow-wow with Arne Duncan, his failed former CPS chief, and the U.S. Atty. General Eric Holder, will magically end the murders of school kids. Daley's the guy who has presided over higher and higher taxes, and tougher and tougher restrictions on businesses. He's the jerk who told us all that Millennium Park wouldn't cost a dime of taxpayers' money, and he's the arrogant ass who wanted us all to believe up to the bitter end that the 2016 Olympics wouldn't cost us anything either. Daley is the kingpin of the local Democrat Machine, an organization that the most efficient Mafioso could only imagine in the wettest of dreams. Okay, that's my rant. Let's turn to a rant by "Garrison," who left this comment on Gaper's Block on October 2: I'm so tired of my fellow Chicagoans making excuses for a poorly run and corrupt city. What has Daley done for the City exactly? And after you say beautiful parks and flowers, then what? Are you going to perpetuate the myth that he made the City "livable" again, created an Urban Renaissance and people moved back to the City? That happened in spite of Daley. That has been a cultural and social phenomenon that has happened all around the country. He wasn't Mayor of Baltimore, Pittsburgh, Portland, Philadelphia, NYC, Boston and dozen other places that this has happened. He gets zero credit for it. I'm sure some here are just like many of my friends, more than willing to forgive Daley's sins because "turning him out of office would make Chicago look bad". Oh the irony... I'll make one more comment. The majority of voters in Chicago have repeatedly shown themselves to be as dumb as sheep. Look at the quality of our City Council, voted in by those sheep. Daley is repeatedly re-elected even while the voters complain about his corruption and the declining quality of life in Chicago, the violence, the crime, the huge tracks of poverty, the rising taxes. And we should not forget that the voters in Chicago also vote in Cook County elections. Todd Stroger, current President of the Cook County Board of Commissioners, is living testimony to the severe stupidity of the majority of those voters. With voters like those, perhaps Daley the Ass knows he can afford to be arrogant. Conservative Caps, Shirt and more! Leave a Comment - Chicago News Bench RSS Feed Visit us on Twitter!