Thursday, October 1, 2009

"If I Were a Klan Member, I Would Retire..."

A few readers left comments about my recent post, "Derrion Albert, Killed by KKK Surrogates," in which I said that his brutal killers might as well have been Ku Klux Klan members. "Worried about the KKK?" I wrote, "They're certainly a group that needs to be monitored, but these days they've got it easy. Unwitting surrogates do the killing for them, accomplishing more evil and mayhem in a single drunken Uptown weekend than the Klan ever could. The far bigger worry for Black Americans these days, however, is the black kid walking next to you on the playground. He's more likely to kill you than are the 100 or so Klansmen in your state."

"Trpy" in Santa Ana, CA understood my points. He wrote:

"As an African American, I must say that was the best article I have read. If I were a Klan member, I would retire from active duty and just watch from the side lines."

"TH," on the other hand, misunderstood my clearly stated points, and wrote this:

In MY opinion I really don't approve on how this article was written (see [url][/url]. Yes its true black senseless kids killed Derrion Albert and yes blacks are constantly killing blacks which is sad and sickening. But let's talk about the whites killing the whites and the hispanics killing the hispanics. REALITY it's just a people killing people. Now and days there is no race that is better than the next. There is crack/heroin addicts, prostitutes, rapist, Drug Dealers, Killers, and abusers in every race that lives in the USA so who are you to talk down on blacks. It seems the media tries to brain wash blacks into believing that they are never goning to amount to nothing.

My response to TH:

Believe it or not, TH, you actually agree with much of what I wrote, but you missed part of the point. People are people, yes. I mourn the loss of that young black man, Derrion Albert. What you say about bad people being in every group (racial, ethnic, etc.) is true, my point is that people like Jesse Jackson Sr and others are wrong to constantly demonize whites by way of exaggerating the actual current impact of the Klan. ("Klan" for Jackson is code for "whitey.") Many, many Black Americans acknowledge the severe problem of blacks killing blacks, moreso than within any other group. That doesn't mean that black people are inferior; it means that there is something wrong with much of their culture. 70-90 percent of black children born to single mothers, for example. The unwillingness to "snitch" by many [Black Americans] on killers and drug pushers, for example. I was not talking down on blacks, TH. I was talking down on the Jesse Jacksons who don't address the real problems in preference for passing the buck, and not admitting that more blacks are killed by blacks than are killed by the KKK currently.

Michael Kerr, Director of Business Development at Red County, understood the article. I cross posted it to Red County, but Michael was oddly frightened by what I wrote:

"I wanted to give you a heads up regarding your last article. It was unpublished. I recognize the point of your article but we think that some people might use the KKK reference and try and misconstrue the point you are making. You might want to tackle that one from a little different angle. Lots of bozos on the left are always looking to try and paint conservative bloggers as racist and we thought the KKK reference might be something they would latch on to."

My response to Michael Kerr:

I find the stand taken by Red County to be cowardly, very disturbing and rather hypocritical. You say you are afraid of a reference to the KKK? Seriously? That's absurd, particularly so given the numerous references to "KKK" at (Google search for "KKK" at at The stand taken in you remail seems ludicrous in light of past posts, especially one with the title "Abortion/Eugenics: Progressive Berkeley minister denounces ‘genocide’" by Andrew Walden on 07/15/09. I can no longer associate myself with Red County, since it seems that it now wants to be politically correct. If so, perhaps Red County could just be a republishing aggregator for Huffington Post. Please remove me from the list of Red County contributors.

As a post-script to Michael Kerr, let me repeat the kind comment from "Trpy":
"As an African American, I must say that was the best article I have read."

Red County, a "conservative" web site, claims to "strive" to "provide intelligent, well-informed insights into local political issues affecting the lives of readers in each market we serve."  Red County doesn't specify cowardice and an inconsistent adherence to political correctness as part of what it strives for, but those would fit nicely into their mission statement.

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