Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Garrido Hails End of Cook County Tax Dictatorship

Republican candidate for Cook County Board President John Garrido issued the following statement regarding the vote by the Illinois House of Representatives to end the autocratic veto override threshold in Cook County from four-fifths (80%) of the County Commissioners to three-fifths (60%): "I applaud the Illinois House for taking a step in the right direction by ending Stroger's autocratic enforcement of the high Cook County sales tax. I encourage the members of the Illinois Senate and the Governor to follow the example of the ninety-five representatives of the Illinois House that voted to approve the veto override legislation. "When we have to rely on the state government to lower our taxes and defend our democracy instead of the locally-elected county government, something is tragically askew. That tragedy is Todd Stroger's administration, and it must end."

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