Monday, October 12, 2009

FLASH - GOP Candidate's Office Burglarized (Updated)

HOT STORY. Report from ABC7 Chicago, with video: GOP candidate for Illinois comptroller William Kelly says his North Side campaign office was broken into over [on Sunday afternoon] and that key documents were stolen. Full Story, ABC7... (and press release from the Kelly campaign below.) Kelly spokesperson Laura Grock told Chicago News Bench that the Kelly campaign office is located on the fourth floor of 1000 N. Milwaukee Avenue. Grock said the large signs in the windows made it obvious what the office was about. Grock said that the door into the campaign's fourth floor suite was kicked in, damaging the frame. However, there was no forcible entry to the building itself, she said. Grock told CNB that people can enter the building one of three ways: By using a metal key, entering a code on a keypad at the door, or being buzzed in by somebody already inside. Grock said that Kelly recorded a video of the police dusting the office for fingerprints late Sunday afternoon, and will probably post that video "soon." She told CNB that "no other offices in the building were broken into," and that the Kelly campaign is still in the process of moving into its new office space, so many items that might have been stolen were not yet there. Chicago's own Watergate? Dirty tricks? Perhaps, but your average burglar does not steal campaign strategy maps and volunteer lists. (The champagne, cigars and fax equipment, sure - but why campaign items?) Kelly's campaign put out the following press release today: For Immediate Release: Contact: Laura Grock Monday, October 12 Martin E. Janis & Co. (312) 943-1106 BREAK-IN AT WILLIAM J. KELLY’S CHICAGO CAMPAIGN OFFICE Police Investigate Scene at GOP Candidate for Comptroller’s Office ( CHICAGO ) - At 3:30 PM on Sunday, William J. Kelly, candidate for Illinois comptroller and his campaign manager, Steve Ruggiero, arrived at their campaign office at 1000 N. Milwaukee to discover it had been forcibly broken into. Missing items of political relevance include ward maps with campaign strategy, volunteer information and lists. Other missing items include fax/modem equipment, champagne and cigars. Kelly has filed a police report and the police have dusted for fingerprints and are searching for possible suspects. "The police are conducting an investigation; we don't know if the break-in was politically motivated, however, politically sensitive items were removed from our office. Regardless, this campaign is and always has been a campaign of reform vs. corruption. If anyone thinks that this break-in will intimidate me, they don't know me very well. It will only make me campaign harder," said Kelly. Kelly’s website is accessible at Media wishing to contact William Kelly for an interview or quote can call Laura Grock at (312) 943-1106. ABOUT WILLIAM J. KELLY Kelly is running on a platform to be Illinois' first "activist" comptroller and has called for a full investigation of ACORN-SEIU-related taxpayer funded state spending. A TV producer with an Emmy award-winnining production house, Kelly was formerly the Executive Director of the National Taxpayers Union of Illinois. He ran for Congress in 1994 against Rep. Bobby Rush and exposed that the congressman had failed to pay more than $50k in back taxes, child support, and unpaid parking tickets, which, many contend, contributed to Rush deciding against a mayoral run in Chicago. RELATED: Champagne, cigars taken in burg at comptroller candidate's office - WBBM780 GOP Comptroller Candidate's Offices Burglarized « Publius Forum Rich Miller defend Alexis Giannoulias while dismissing truth-seeker William K. Kelly Kelly Confronts Giannoulias on ACORN-Tainted SEIU Endorsement Conservative Caps, Shirt and more! Leave a Comment - Chicago News Bench RSS Feed Visit us on Twitter!