Sunday, October 4, 2009

Ben Franklin Argues with Idiot Karl Marx

The video below is funny and instructive. For the conservatives, that is. In the video, Ben Franklin explains Economics 101 to Karl Marx, the guest idiot. For conservatives, this video reinforces wisdom already obtained. Liberals, however, will simply not understand the video. They can't; their brains are simply not wired to deal with simple, rational facts delivered simply and unemotionally. For them, this video will sound a bit like monkeys chattering. It is beyond the comprehension of the average libtard. Although the video is actually a clever advert for Glenn Beck's new book "Arguing With Idiots," it's very entertaining. Suggestion: Duct tape a liberal to a chair and make him/her/it watch this video repeatedly.
UPDATE - A fool named "Earl" in "Chciago" proved my point with his comment: "An ad from a retard conservative can't be understood by LIBERALS? What's new when you Republican retards have nothing worth while to say? All you have is hate to spew and total nonsense." Poor Earl. The monkeys in his head must be quite a distraction.

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