Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Watch Party Host Guide for Obama's Speech to Congress

Good Lord, not only do liberals want the government to run their health care, and just about every other aspect of their lives, they even need instructions on how to host a simple television viewing party. Organizing for America (OFA), the unofficial perpetual propaganda machine for Barack Obama, has issued the instructions for people who are hosting "Watch Parties" for the big speech to both houses of Congress tonight (7:00 p.m. CDT). It is truly laughable. Think about it: You want to watch an event on TV. You want to have some friends and fellow zombies over to watch it with you. Simple, right? Not if you're a liberal, apparently, bent on forcing socialized health care on your neighbors. Apparently, turning on the television, putting out a bowl of chips and then discussing the event is so complicated for liberals that OFA felt the need to issue its "Watch Party Host Guide." (Available as PDF here.) The Guide starts with this: THANK YOU FOR SIGNING UP TO HOST A PRESIDENTIAL HEALTH CARE ADDRESS WATCH PARTY. Hosting a watch party is simple and easy. But it’s a great way to be part of history and build our movement for change. After the President’s speech, join Organizing for America members and former Obama for America campaign manager David Plouffe for a special conversation on the next steps in this fight. Below are some tips that will help make your event a success: There are tips for before, during and after the speech. As you read this, imagine how stupid someone would have to be to actually need these "tips," especially tips #1, #4 and #5. Here are the "before" tips: 1. CHOOSE A LOCATION: This can be your living room, a community center, or anywhere people can gather and watch TV -- ideally with a speakerphone that you can use for the conference call after the speech. 2. REGISTER YOUR EVENT ON MY.BARACKOBAMA.COM: If you haven’t already, go to MY.BARACKOBAMA.COM/HostSept9 and enter your zip code to register your event. 3. REGISTER FOR THE POST-SPEECH CONFERENCE CALL with David Plouffe by entering your phone number at MY.BARACKOBAMA.COM/CallRSVP. Please register by 10 p.m. EST Tuesday night to ensure you reserve space on the call. 4. INVITE FRIENDS AND COMMUNITY MEMBERS TO JOIN YOU: This watch party is a great opportunity to reach out to anyone you know who has questions about the President’s plans for reform. 5. SET UP YOUR SPACE: Make sure you have enough places for people to sit. Refreshments are not required, but some snacks and drinks are a nice plus. Here are the "during" tips. 1. WELCOME your guests and ask them to sign in using the sign-in sheet on the next page. 2. ASK EVERYONE TO INTRODUCE THEMSELVES and invite them to share why health insurance reform is important to them. 3. WATCH the President’s address. The speech is scheduled to begin at 8:00 P.M. Eastern Time, but check your local TV listings for time and channel. 4. JOIN THE ORGANIZING FOR AMERICA CONFERENCE CALL: Shortly after the President finishes speaking, the Organizing for America conference call will begin. If you have registered for the conference call, be ready quickly! There is no number for you to dial; we’ll call you when the conference is starting. If your phone has a speakerphone feature, turn it on so your guests can listen in as well. 5. DISCUSS: After the call, ask guests to share their thoughts and reflections on the President’s address. Based on what you learned on the conference call, share ideas and discuss next steps in your community. These people need to be told to "welcome" their guests? They need to be told to introduce their guests to each other? They need to be told to "watch the President's address?" (Isn't that the primary purpose of the "watch" party?) They need to be told to "discuss" the speech? There is only one "after" tip: LET US KNOW HOW IT WENT: Within 24 hours of the conclusion of your event, please go to MY.BARACKOBAMA.COM/WatchPartyFeedback to enter the information from your sign-in sheet and let us know how your watch party went. Your feedback is crucial to helping us build and improve. OFA's Watch Party Host Guide is woefully incomplete. There are no "tips" for sharing the dope. Pipe? Hooka? Rolled? Can alcohol be served in addition to the drugs that many parties will feature? Nothing about vacuuming the carpet after the party. No advice about opening and closing the door to let guests in and out. It might be chilly in some parts of the country tonight, yet OFA gave no tip about putting on a sweater. OFA tells party hosts to introduce guests to each other, but says nothing about showing them were the toilet is. For those who will drive to a watch party, there are no instructions for getting into their car, starting the engine, pulling into traffic, then parking at the event. I predict disaster for many of the watch parties, and I blame it on the dangerously incomplete instructions from OFA. ALSO SEE: Watching Obama's Health Care Watch Parties, Sept. 9 Cool Hats & Shirts for Cool Conservatives Leave a Comment... Chicago News Bench RSS Feed We're on Twitter...