Thursday, September 3, 2009

Urgent! Petition to Stop Wilson Yard $54 Million Expansion

URGENT ACTION NEEDED NOW, CHICAGO CITYWIDE: Please take one moment to read this short petition and sign before Sept. 7 An urgent message from the Fix Wilson Yard group, written by the unsinkable Molly Phelan (photo). NOTE: You DO NOT have to live in the 46th Ward to sign this petition. Any Chicago resident can sign it. All emphasis added: Can You Please Sign This TODAY? Stop Wilson Yard $54 Million Expansion From: "Molly Phelan" Dear Family, Friends and Neighbors, As you may be aware, on September 8, 2009, Alderman Helen Shiller will request an additional $54 million dollars in TIF Funds to be drawn from the Wilson Yard tax base to be used at her discretion without any community input. The community has been outraged by the abuse and lack of accountability from the very start of the Wilson Yard TIF. This is a crucial point to help stop the madness. Please take one moment to read this short petition and sign before September 7, 2009 so we may present this petition to the CDC and have our voices heard. We are hoping to have over 3,000 residents sign the petition by this date. This is a tough task with the long holiday weekend upon us- interesting timing on their part. I ask that upon signing the petition that you please forward the petition to other Chicago residents who have had enough with a corrupt government, escalating taxes and lack of accountability in our leadership. Send emails, make phone calls, tell people on the bus and the el on your way to work – spread the word! Uptown is finally getting the attention it deserves – help us continue! RELATED: Uptown Organizations Line Their Ducks For TIF Fight Alderman Shiller's Fish Farm Fantasy Fix Wilson Yard web site Leave a Comment... Chicago News Bench RSS Feed We're on Twitter...