Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Senate Votes to Kill ACORN Funding, 83-7

UPDATE, 9/17/09: HOUSE VOTES TO DEFUND ACORN, 375-75 ******************* The corrupt criminal organization ACORN, which we've reported on for years now, has finally been recognized as the fraud that it is by the U.S. Senate. On Monday, Sept. 14, the Senate voted 83-7 to deny funding to the nationwide network of corrupt "community organizers": WASHINGTON (Associated Press) - The Senate voted Monday to block the Housing and Urban Development Department from giving grants to ACORN, a community organization under fire in several voter-registration fraud cases. The 83-7 vote would deny housing and community grant funding to ACORN, which stands for the Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now. Full story, MSNBC... Hat tip to Chicago Ray Report. Commentary The reason for the Senate's surprising action: Bloggers, period. When two young citizen journalists exposed ACORN in some amazing videos last week, the blogosphere exploded with the news of ACORN offices (at least three) were giving advice that would help people run a house of prostitution, smuggle underaged girls into the US from El Salvador, evade IRS rules and regulations, and more. With the exception of Fox News, the mainstream media did its best to downplay or completely ignore the huge story and protect ACORN's biggest ally Barack Obama. Incredibly, the vapid Charlie Gibson was totally unaware of the current ACORN scandal, as he admitted on WLS 890 AM on Sept. 15. We are in day six of the story, and it continues like an avalanche. It is still rolling and picking up speed. The Senate voted to cut off ACORN last night night, yet Gibson, the dumbest ABC News anchor ever, was completely ignorant of the current scandal and of the Senate vote. Hear audio and read the transcript at Michelle Malkin's web site. No wonder Gibson will soon "retire" and be replaced by Dianne Sawyer as the ABC World News anchor. IF THE RESULTING INVESTGATIONS INTO ACORN proceed as they should, watch for prosecutions and more trouble not only in ACORN, but with their bed partners SEIU and teachers unions nationwide. Politicians who have benefitted from ACORN-SEIU support should also be scrutinized thoroughly. Related headlines and videos: OFA and ACORN may soon look to use violence against political opponents - Doug Ross Where Is Mainstream Media on Undercover ACORN Videos? - FOXNews Exclusive: ACORN Illegally Operating in Maryland - biggovernment.com Senate Votes to Bar Funding for Acorn - New York Times Lest we forget: Barack Obama IS ACORN - Examiner.com Senate votes to shut down ACORN - Examiner.com ACORN blocked from Census, HUD funding - Minnesota Independent Glenn Beck on Jay-Z, ACORN and 9/11 - FOXNews Shelby wants ACORN investigation - The Hill Will Obama's DOJ Block Investigation of ACORN? - WEBCommentary Census Drops Criminal Group ACORN - Chicago News Bench Letter: No more respect for Charles Gibson - Eagle Tribune Charles Gibson Totally Unaware of Five Day-Old ACORN Controversy - NewsBusters Joe Moore, The Nation and Walter Duranty - Chicago News Bench Cool Hats & Shirts for Cool Conservatives Leave a Comment... Chicago News Bench RSS Feed We're on Twitter...