Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Obama's School Speech and the Cult of Personality

Watch recorded video of the Obama School Speech HERE (below). I watched Barack Obama's speech to school kids today. It was bland. It was boring. After much public outcry, the part where he was to ask kids to help him was removed. The final version was pretty tame, and the outcry was, well, somewhat overblown. However, I had at least four problems with the speech: Problem #1: Rock Star Intro The speech opened with Sec. of Education Arne Duncan introducing some kid who then introduced Obama. The problem with that is the rock star nature of the presentation. Rather than give the boring, bland speech from his desk, the White House felt it necessary to have a rousing introduction with a roomful of vetted friendlies giving him a rousing ovation. Now, that's clever politics. It is also inappropriate to the stated intention of the speech. Problem #2: Cult of Personality The White House knew exactly what they were doing when they set up Obama's rock star reception. The subliminal message to the kids - especially those who will be old enough to vote in 2012, is simple: Barack Obama is your Great Father. Der Uber Fater. Your Hero. Your Great Leader. A pop icon. Why else would the White House have not done the traditional address from the quiet Oval Office? Problem #3: Overblown Production Obama presented a very tame motivational speech kids, which could more easily (and less expensively) have been done from the Oval Office in the White House. Instead, Obama had to travel to Wakefield High School in nearby Arlington, Virginia. That required the usual heavy Secret Service details, a lot of security advance work, setting up a remote video production operation, local police work, and streets tied up for the motorcade. All that bother and expense to tell kids what kids should be told by their teachers and parents every day. Problem #4: The Entire Speech Was Hypocritical Actually, this is not a problem, per se. It does, however, show us the hypocrisy of Obama and of the Democrat Party. In his speech, Obama repeatedly told school kids to be responsible, to work hard, to never give up, to be self-reliant. Nice words, which I agree with, but none of those values are encouraged by the Obama or the Democrats in deed. Ever since the New Deal of President Franklin Roosevelt, Americans have been told more and more that they are entitled to government care and coddling. Many of the kids who watched the speech today were born into an entitlement subculture, created and nurtured by the Democrats, that conditions them to expect free government cheese every day of their lives. I had to chuckle many times as the most radical Leftist ever to sit in the Oval Office presented a very conservative message of self-reliance and hard work, and he did it with a straight face. RELATED: Barack Obama Likes Them Young Devastation of American Society by the Liberal Movement: Part I and Part II How Media Created Obama's Cult of Personality Stalin and the "Cult of Personality" Stefan Landsberger's Chinese Propaganda Poster Pages--Mao Cult Fascist Personality Cults: Deconstructing Personality Cult Theory Video: Living Colour - Cult Of Personality Cool Hats & Shirts for Cool Conservatives Leave a Comment... Chicago News Bench RSS Feed We're on Twitter...