Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Best Report on ACORN Scandal I've Seen

This must-see ACORN report is, believe it or not, it's from Jon Stewart on The Daily Show (Sept 15). It's cleverly titled "The Audacity of Hos." No, I won't explain that to you. No, he's not breaking any news here, but to his credit Stewart brought the ongoing ACORN-prostitution-tax fraud scandals to the attention of hundreds of thousands of people who otherwise might still be unaware of it. Like, you know, Charlie Gibson. Stewart viciously mocks the Old Media such as ABC, CBS, NBC and the rest, while giving a back handed compliment to FoxNews. Love him or hate him, ya gotta admit that Stewart is one funny guy. I've always liked his humor. I like it even more now.
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The Audacity of Hos
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