Thursday, September 17, 2009

Action Call to Conservative Bloggers! #tcot

THIS IS URGENT. Start saving ("caching") politicians' web pages NOW. ACORN and SEIU are scrubbing their web sites, deleting incriminating or embarassing information in an effort to cover their tracks. You can bet that plenty of elected officials are busy scrubbing their own websites to erase or modify what was written about their relationships with ACORN and/or SEIU. No matter where you live in the United States, the odds are good that at least some of your local elected officials have ties to ACORN and/or SEIU. Those ties may be direct, they may be indirect. Those officials - your congressman, US senator, governor, state legislator, county board members, mayor, alderman/city council member, school system president, and so on - most likely have web sites. NOW IS THE TIME TO CACHE/SAVE VITAL INFORMATION FROM THOSE OFFICIALS' SITES. Here's why... The American Spectator reported on April 22, 2009 that "ACORN did a strange thing today. It scrubbed its website of references to two of its key affiliates, Locals 100 and 880 of the Service Employees International Union (SEIU), an event reported by Kevin Mooney of the Washington Examiner." To "scrub" a website is to delete some or all material. It's akin to shredding documents. The difference, of course, is that we can access the politicians' web sites and copy virtually anything, saving it as an archived file (see tips for doing this below). This can be used later, if needed, to effectively prove they are lying if they deny what their own sites once said. Good friend John Ruberry (Marathon Pundit) addresses this in a brilliant post titled "Jan Schakowsky, ACORN, and no phone call." In that post, he wrote, "Let's get to work, conservative bloggers," he wrote this week, "before the libs scrub their sites." John and I live in Jan Schakowsky Land. He's in Skokie, I'm in a bunker on Chicago's north side. John has archived Schakowsky's web pages for years, and it bears fruit. John wrote about that, too. Another excerpt from John's post:
"I've compiled a greatest hits collection of ACORN and Schakowsky. I reserved two hours of my day for the congresscritter, below you will find the result of my labors. Each link comes from Schakowsky's congressional web site."
I know John won't mind me saying that we both urge YOU to archive web pages from your elected officials' web sites. As John did with Schakowsky, I have done with a Chicago city council member (see "Alderman Joe Moore, ACORN and SEIU "). Let's hold the SOB's to their words, including the ones they delete and later try to deny. Liberals love to revise history - let's not let them get away with it.
Tip 1: If you try to access web page but it seems to have disappeared, try clicking "Cached" in the search results.
Tip 2: Sometimes pages don't actually disappear, but are assigned new URL's. So, to quickly find a word or phrase on a website, use Google's advanced search, and go to "Search within a site or domain:" Enter the URL, without the "http://" or "www." For example, to search for "ACORN" on Jan Schakowsky's website (, you would only enter "" there. Click to see the results of that search.
Tip 3: Save the web page/s as an .mht file. In your web browser, click File, Save As, then choose Cool Hats & Shirts for Cool Conservatives Leave a Comment... Chicago News Bench RSS Feed We're on Twitter...