Wednesday, September 2, 2009

9-12 March on Michigan Avenue, Chicago

There is a big march planned for Washington, DC on September 12. It's an anti-big government, anti-socialized health care, pro-American, pro-freedom rally. Think of it as a Tea Party on steroids. You've even got a choice of related web sites: The 9/12 Project (Glenn Beck's thing) and (which has a good list of regional groups). From, some good information about the September 12 march on Michigan Avenue. I guess you could call it a Tea Party, at least in spirit. As SWP says, "If you are unable to attend the march in Washington, come out to the Chicago march and voice your opposition to government health care." It's all part of and is nationwide. Here's the Chicago info: March on Michigan Avenue Healthcare Freedom Constitutional Rights Saturday, September 12th 11 a.m. – 1 p.m. Meet at Millennium Park under “The Bean” sculpture, Michigan Avenue and Randolph Street Democrats ~ Republicans ~ Independents ~ Americans ALSO SEE: Marching to Washington on Sept 12? You'll Need This Leave a Comment... Chicago News Bench RSS Feed We're on Twitter...