Saturday, August 8, 2009

"Worst Black Congressman" Freaks Out at Townhall Meeting

Congressman David Scott (Democrat) of Georgia got very angry and yelled at the good folks in a little townhall audience. He falsely accused them of not even being his constituents, when in fact they were constituents. (Is Scott just paranoid or does he believe his own party's propaganda lies about conservatives astroturfing townhall events?) The Black Commentator magazine called Scott the "worst black congressman" in their March 31, 2005 issue cover story. They wrote this about him: Most of you don’t even know his name. David Scott (rhymes with rot) is the most non-representative Black person in the U.S. Congress. The very worst. Rep. Scott, whose district lies south of Atlanta, runs with a gaggle of renegade rightwing House members that includes Harold Ford, Jr., of Memphis, Alabama’s Artur Davis and fellow Georgian Sanford Bishop. Scott leads the pack, having managed to vote with Republicans more than any other member of the Congressional Black Caucus on issues tracked by, the authoritative site run by veteran political researcher Ken Colburn. Rep. Scott may have been with running with a few Republicans in 2005, but when it comes to dodging questions about health care, high taxes and government waste in general, Scott seems to be a full-blooded Democrat. The videos of him melting down at that recent townhall bear witness to that. and you can see them at NBC 11 Atlanta's website. Here's an excerpt from NBC 11's report: DOUGLASVILLE, Ga. -- U.S. Rep. David Scott (D-13th) was involved in what many called an embarrassing display of losing his temper at a town hall meeting in Douglasville last weekend. In the meeting, Scott lost his temper and began yelling at a crowd that included two people who came forward during the question-and-answer portion of the meeting to ask Scott about his stance on the health care plan proposed by the White House and being debated on Capitol Hill. >>> Now watch the videos. It's great theater. RELATED: Georgia Congressman Yells At Constituent For Asking A Question Rep David Scott Corrects Unruly Serf on Health CareU.S. Congressman David Scott : 13th District Of Georgia The Black Commentator - Cover Story: The Worst Black Congressman Are YOU a citizen of the United STRAIGHTS of America? Leave a Comment... Chicago News Bench RSS Feed We're on Twitter...