Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Video of Democrats Chasing, Screaming at City Council Woman in Chicago

New: Anti-Helen Shiller Campaign Is Go! This is the best video of the now-famous Shiller Olympic Mob Chase Incident. This version combines the entire press conference that Shiller gave immediately after the useless Chicago 2016 Olympics town hall meeting, plus the entire chase by an angry mob all the way to Shiller's car. Gad, what entertainment! Mainstream Democrats and liberals chasing a liberal Democrat city council member, acting like crazed right-wing lunatics at a congressman's town hall meeting. Note the hypocrisy of the media in the way they report the mob action. For example, NBC Chicago's headline, "Alderman Walks Out On Peaceful Protesters," is a joke. If the same people were conservatives behaving exactly the same way, but screaming at a Democrat congressman, would NBC have referred to them as "peaceful?" Doubtful. See related items below the video... ALSO SEE: 195 Photos of the Shiller - Olympics 2016 Meeting - These photos document the room up to the moment when Shiller abruptly ended a press conference, after somebody yelled "Liar!" at her. RELATED: Protesty w sprawie przestępczości Shiller Chased Out Of Press Conference - Raw Video - Lake Effect News Run, Helen, Run - Lake Effect News Hail to the Insurgents? - Lake Effect News Ald. Shiller Hounded Out of Her Own Press Conference‎ - Chicagoist Chicago alderman chased by protesters - Marathon Pundit Helen Shiller Avoids Angry Residents at Town Hall Meeting - Windy Bloggy Leave a Comment... Chicago News Bench RSS Feed We're on Twitter...