Friday, August 7, 2009

This Post is Really Stoopid

(Nasty Language Advisory) But it sure am funny. I post videos to YouTube. (Who doesn't, right?) On most of my videos (not all), I disable the commenting for two simple reasons: First, 99.9% of comments to videos are written by semi-literate imbeciles who simply want to misdirect the anger that they still hold for their abusive parents. It's not much different than comments to most blogs. Second, why should I waste my time moderating useless rants from useless imbeciles? Of course, now and then one of those imbeciles crawls under the door and sends a comment to my YouTube inbox. Here's one now, from "charlieclockwork" on July 26: I like how disable the ability to add comments to the vids of yours that pretty much any TRUE Chicagoan would call you a pansy ass fag for giving people shit for pretty much almost completley stopping on a dead traffic day with no school in session. Everyone agrees with me and thats why your bitch ass won't let people comment. your an oversensitive duchebag, get out of MY city and go to a farm community where real life isn't happenig!! dork!! Rogers Park eats pussys liike you everyday for a snack, Morse ave CrazY bitch. Of course, I could not resist replying: Uhm, did I not just read a comment from you? I think I did! Thanks for writing. I am happy to know that my videos elicit such passionate, well-written, intelligent comments from geniuses such as you. Perhaps I should reconsider my commenting policy here. After all, having more well-crafted, thoughtful comments such as the one I am responding to would surely add to the general knowledge base of Mankind. I do, sometimes, allow commenting on videos if I think it might pull in some perspective. One such video is "Anti-Violence March, Parade in Uptown, Chicago." From 94 viewings, "Scardataz" wrote this helpful comment on August 1: THATS NICE FUCK IT UP UPLIFT  LOOK YEAH If anybody knows what that means, please let me know. I'm not sayin' it a bad comment, just that it's confusing and really doesn't add anything. Plus, it contains the word "fuck," which I never allow to be used on Chicago News Bench. Know what I'm sayin'? So, that's why I generally don't accept comments. Horrible grammar, lousy spelling, drug-induced fuzzy thoughts, incomplete rambling sentences ... I don't need it, not on a regular basis. But I admit that it makes for a stoopid-but-fun post now and again. Are YOU a citizen of the United STRAIGHTS of America?