Thursday, August 13, 2009

Shots Fired, Sheridan and Wilson, 10:33 PM Aug 13 (Updated)

DEVELOPING: Four to five shots were reported heard at or near N. Sheridan and W. Wilson in Chicago's Uptown neighborhood tonight. Info taken from Chicago Police scanner, 23rd District. UPDATE: 11:58 PM - The police activity in Uptown, which is usually higher, is higher than usual. Gang members, it is reported, are seen roaming in groups of ten or more. There have been numerous rumors of shots fired at various parts of Uptown, including Leland and Broadway, Sheridan and Wilson, and others. Sources tell us that all tactical police teams are in the Lakeview area, leaving resources thin in Uptown and elsewhere. (Why? Because Chicago Police Supt. Jody Weis is a political hack and is more concerned with the bad image cast by the recent rash of street robberies than he is about reigning in the roaming, shooting gangsters. See "Weis defends extra attention on Lincoln Park muggings.") Meanwhile, we are told, CPD units are gathering in groups of six to ten cars at various locations around Uptown, most likely in preparation for expected trouble. 10:39 PM - CPD says reports now of "girl shot four times" at Lakeside and Sheridan. UPDATE: 11:58 PM - This seems to have been a false report to the police. (This happens sometimes when the gangs want to divert police away from something they are doing or planning elsewhere.) 10:37 PM: "Male white seen running eastbound from Sheridan and Leland" (one block north of Wilson). UPDATE: 11:58 PM - This seems to be genuine, but not known if it was connected to gang activity or, for that matter, to any criminal activity. 10:33 PM: Two men were fighting by the grocery at the NE corner of Wilson and Sheridan and "ran over to the McDonalds" across the street. UPDATE: 11:58 PM - This was genuine, but not known if it was connected to gang activity. Witnesses at McDonald's say it probably was not gang-related.