Friday, August 14, 2009

Real UFOs? Video "Sighting" (Uh Huh...)

"30 Minutes Of Real UFO Footage - UFO Sighting August 13th 2009" is the title of the video, posted to YouTube on August 13. Real? Or fake? It looks good, but just one thing bothers me: We hear "witnesses" in the video, who are either some of the most sedate people ever to exist or are lousy actors. If this video is authentic, at least one of these people should be saying something like "Oh my GOD! Shouldn't we call the Air Force or something!?!?" or "Holy crap, this is the most incredible thing I've ever seen!" Nope, they just calmly urge us to go to their web site (which I will not plug here). You be the judge. Are YOU a citizen of the United STRAIGHTS of America? Leave a Comment... Chicago News Bench RSS Feed We're on Twitter...