Monday, August 17, 2009


Alderman's son says,
"You might wanna back up, you might get ran over.
If I was driving I'd run somebody over."

ALSO SEE: The 10-minute version that shows Shiller's entire press conference plus the full chase scene. ALSO SEE: 195 Photos of the Shiller - Olympics 2016 Meeting - These photos document the room up to the moment when Shiller abruptly ended a press conference, after somebody yelled "Liar!" at her. ALSO SEE: Anti-Helen Shiller Campaign Is Go!

Like many of the rowdy town hall meetings held in August, this one turned a bit crazy. No violence, but plenty of shouting - and the chasing of a Chicago City Council member from the meeting to her car. The meeting was actually held by a Chicago 2016 Olympics panel, but Alderman Helen Shiller (Helen Shiller) being pursued by screaming constituents eclipses that. While the Olympics discussion was predictable, boring and an utter waste time, the Shiller story was sensational. The vast majority of the signs in front of the meeting facility had nothing to do with the Olympics. Instead, most of those in attendance were protesting Shiller's alleged disinterest in cleaning up crime in one of the north side's most violent neighborhoods.

Of note in the video: Near the end, a large man in a light blue shirt leans into Shiller's car window. That's her son, attorney Brendan Shiller. He walks toward me and says, "You might wanna back up, you might get ran over. If I was driving I'd run somebody over."

This rivals many of the recent rowdy town hall meetings held by members of Congress in August, 2009. Two predictions: (1) This story will get big national news play on Tuesday morning, and (2) Nobody will refer to the largely liberal crowd (including a gaggle of socialists) as "Nazis" or accuse them of being unpatriotic. You know, like they've done to conservatives loudly voicing their opinions at Congressional town halls.
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