August 26, 2009

Judge Rules Tariq Siddiqui Defaulted on Bank Loan

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Barack Obama at Sunrise Equities office, 2004
2004: Barack Obama at Sunrise Equities office, when
they donated office space to his US Senate campaign.
Muhammad Tariq Siddiqui was a major money bundler for Barack Obama and closely associated with the infamous Sunrise Equities scandal in Chicago (see Obama's Sunrise Equities Office).

"A Cook County Circuit Court judge didn’t buy a politically-connected," reported Lake Effect News, August 26, 2009. "West Ridge developer’s argument that he wasn’t properly served in a breach of contract suit.

Barack Obama and Tariq Saddiqui at Sunrise Equities offices, 2004
Obama with Tariq Saddiqui at Sunrise Equities, 2004
Judge Bill Taylor of the court’s law division upheld a default judgment against Mohammed Tariq Siddiqui on Tuesday. Taylor also quashed a motion that Siddiqui was not properly served notice of Bridgeview’s complaint that the developer had failed to pay four promissory notes totaling $2.7 million."

Prediction: The federal government is already investigating the Sunrise Equities/Salman Ibrahim scandal.

Anti-Siddiqui union flier. Note the poor spelling.
Most likely, the feds will let the locals get their own dirty work out of the way, and then pursue Siddiqui in a federal case - with Ibrahim/Sunrise as part of the investigation. However, watch for the Obama connection to be glossed over and suppressed.


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