Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Judge Rules Tariq Siddiqui Defaulted on Bank Loan

Muhammad Tariq Siddiqui was a major money bundler for Barack Obama and closely associated with the infamous Sunrise Equities scandal in Chicago (see Obama's Sunrise Equities Office).

"A Cook County Circuit Court judge didn’t buy a politically-connected," reported Lake Effect News, August 26, 2009. "West Ridge developer’s argument that he wasn’t properly served in a breach of contract suit.

Judge Bill Taylor of the court’s law division upheld a default judgment against Mohammed Tariq Siddiqui on Tuesday. Taylor also quashed a motion that Siddiqui was not properly served notice of Bridgeview’s complaint that the developer had failed to pay four promissory notes totaling $2.7 million."

Prediction: The federal government is already investigating the Sunrise Equities/Salman Ibrahim scandal. Most likely, the feds will let the locals get their own dirty work out of the way, and then pursue Siddiqui in a federal case - with Ibrahim/Sunrise as part of the investigation.

However, watch for the Obama connection to be glossed over and suppressed. 

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