Monday, August 17, 2009

Hurricane Bill Proves Al Gore Wrong (Updated 2009-09-06)

It is mid-August and "Bill," the first Atlantic hurricane of 2009, is about to impact the United States. Al Gore is probably relieved that we finally got a hurricane so far in to the 2009 season. Then again, he might be feeling foolish. After Hurricane Katrina devastated New Orleans in September, 2005, Gore warned us all that hurricanes would only continue to become stronger and more frequent. So far, Gore has been wrong, as the following table demonstrates. The Chicago News Bench Science Division put the table together about a week ago, in anticipation of the inevitable Atlantic hurricane, and updated it this morning. The numbers don't lie. As you can see, Atlantic hurricanes have not become more frequent. Rather, there has been a significant decline from 2005. Four years after Katrina, it would seem that the 2005 hurricane season was an anomoly and not the beginning of a trend, as Gore wanted us to believe. (Updated Sept 6. 2009): 2004 - Total: 9 Hurricanes, 7 non-Hurricane storms (year before Katrina) 2005 - Total: 15 Hurricanes, 16 non-Hurricane storms (year of Katrina) 2006 - Total: 5 Hurricanes, 5 non-Hurricane storms 2007 - Total: 6 Hurricanes, 11 non-Hurricane storms 2008 - Total: 8 Hurricanes, 9 non-Hurricane storms 2009 - Total: 1 Hurricane (Bill); 4 non-Hurricane storms (a/o Sept 6, 2009; source) RELATED: Hurricanes and Hot Air See below for storm dates, wind speeds, pressures and categories: Hurricane Bill Proves Al Gore Wrong (Click to see larger or to download PDF) Are YOU a citizen of the United STRAIGHTS of America? Leave a Comment... Chicago News Bench RSS Feed We're on Twitter...