Sunday, August 2, 2009

DevCorp North's Disingenuous Name Change

There's been a minor fuss over the "name change" of the notorious DevCorp North in East Rogers Park. They want everyone to know that they are now "Rogers Park Business Alliance," but the fact is that their Entity Name is still "DevCorp North," as listed with the Illinois Secretary of State. The reason given for the "name change" is weird. DevCorp's July 30 press release states that their new name "allows" them "to build on past successes and focus on strengthening business and building community in Chicago's most diverse neighborhood." Huh? Why would a name change be required for that? You can see the full press release here. In addition, the fact that public-money-sucking DevCorp has employed an advertising agency to help get the word out about the name change raises more questions. The most obvious question: How much is DevCorp/RPBA spending for a simple task that any of the dullards in their own office could have done? That July 30 press release was sent as an attachment by Mark Farina (email of Chicago ad agency a5 Group, Inc. at 1 N. LaSalle Street in Chicago. I sent an email to Mark Farina on Sunday, August 2, in which I asked him the following questions: Dear Mr. Farina: A few questions, please: What is a5inc? Did DevCorp North simply change its name, or is this part of a restructuring of the corporation? Why did DevCorp North - a name well known in Rogers Park already - feel the need to change its name? (The statement by Board president Tommy FitzGibbon, as appears on the website page, does not address any of these questions.) Does the name change mean that DevCorp / RPBA has or will cease any business conducted outside of Rogers Park (e.g., in Wrigleyville)? The IL Sec. of State shows that the Entity Name is STILL "DevCorp North" (File Number 53052711), and that "Rogers Park Business Alliance" is merely the Assumed Name. Why was the Entity Name NOT changed as well? Inasmuch as the actual Entity Name is STILL "DevCorp North," is the announcement of a "name change" to "better reflect" the community not somewhat disingenuous? READ MORE ABOUT DEVCORP HERE... Leave a Comment... See Our Online Store Chicago News Bench RSS Feed We're on Twitter...