Convicted Felon Attacks Opponents of Obamacare

Robert Creamer is a convicted felon and the husband of Congressman Jan Schakowsky. Robert and Jan live in Evanston, a nice suburb immediately north of Chicago on the shores of Lake Michigan. Creamer has a column at The Huffington Post, and his August 3 post is all about supporting Barack Obama's government run health care. There are so many darkly amusing aspects to this that it's hard to know where to begin. Not surprisingly, there is no mention of Creamer's federal fraud convictions in his bio at Huffington Post. It is noted there, however, that "Arianna Huffington calls his recent book, Stand Up Straight: How Progressives Can Win, a master’s class in electoral politics." Arianna makes no mention of the use of lies, deception and criminal fraud as tactics in Creamer's electoral politics. Creamer accuses opponents of Obama's health care offensive of using mob tactics, and he unwittingly exposes himself as a cheap propagandist. He wrote the following (emphasis added): So, like the local mob boss, they will be pulling out all the stops in August to terrorize members of Congress and sow fear and confusion about the Obama Health Insurance Reform plan. They will run ads. They will make copious political contributions. They will provide ammunition to the right-wing talk show hosts. They will do everything in their power to stop the Obama plan dead in its tracks, because they know that once people have a new health insurance system, there will be no going back. That paragraph deserves some analysis. On Planet Democrat, the world that Robert Creamer dwell in, it is considered terrorism when people write to or phone members of Congress to voice opposition to whatever it is that he and fellow Democrats support. Honest political discussion and asking questions is classified as sowing fear and confusion. Excercising the right of free speech by running ads is, in Creamer's world, a bad thing but only if your message is conservative. On Planet Democrat, conservative talk show hosts are dismissively referred to as "right-wing talk show hosts," but liberal talk show hosts are simply "talk show hosts." Creamer has admitted one the great fears of a majority of Americans when it comes to Obama's health care machinations: There will be no going back if it becomes law. Whether it works or not, there will be no going back. In the twisted criminal mind of Robert Creamer, it's just fine for Democrats and supporters of Obama's health care "reform" to lobby members of Congress, it's cool to spend huge amounts of money on ad campaigns supporting it, it's okay to provide talking points to liberal talk show hosts and other liberal media creatures, and it's perfectly acceptable to run expensive, pro-reform national television ads featuring "Harry and Louise." And would Creamer call John Stossel a terrorist for this ABC News report? Creamer is an experienced and well-paid political consultant. His firm, Strategic Consulting Group (SCG), specializes in many of the tactics that he criticizes conservatives for. An example here, from the SCG website (emphasis added): Whether you are working an issue or running an election campaign, SCG can deploy a team of tough, experienced field organizers to any state in the union within days. SCG can conduct a paid door-to-door canvass or design and organize a high-intensity field program that can identify and mobilize voters. SCG has pioneered innovative approaches to recruiting top-flight organizers for non-partisan and partisan campaigns. In other words, Creamer and his gang will happily bring in outsiders to your area to make it look as though your political campaign has more local support than it really has. More from SCG's website: SCG writes and produces award-winning radio spots that deliver powerful, memorable messages for electoral and issue advocacy campaigns. More hypocrisy. Creamer, in his Huffington Post column, criticized conservatives because "They will run ads. They will make copious political contributions. They will provide ammunition to the right-wing talk show hosts." Yet his own website brags that they will do exactly the same thing for his high-paying political clients. Still more: SCG can generate thousands of calls to Members of Congress or other government officials for the lowest cost available anywhere using our state-of-the-art automated Patch-Through system. We provide live and automated Get-Out-the-Vote and persuasion calls at highly competitive prices. Our automated ID and Poll programs can do last-minute voter ID’s in the tens of thousands and can be used to get up-to-the-minute information on levels of support in various segments of the electorate. Isn't that what Creamer would call "terrorizing" members of Congress? Well sure, if it's done by those whose political goals differ from his own. On Planet Democrat, however, it's not terrorism when Democrats do it. The hypocrisy of Robert Creamer - and of his fellow Democrats - is stunning. Sadly, it is not at all surprising. RELATED: ABC 20/20 Takes on Health Care Reform Creamer sentenced in rubber-check scheme 4/05/06 - Congresswoman's husband pleads guilty to two felonies Schakowsky's Husband Pleads Guilty To Bank Fraud - Schakowsky's Shameful, Despicable Husband Obama campaign hires convicted felon to train campaign workers ... Joe Moore's Loans to a Criminal The Left's Lust for Revolutionary Transformation Leave a Comment... See Our Online Store Chicago News Bench RSS Feed We're on Twitter...


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