Sunday, July 19, 2009

Video of Big Anti-Violence March in Uptown, Chicago

A high school marching band lead an anti-violence parade to Clarendon Park on Chicago's north side on Saturday, July 18. You'll see some interesting street dancing in this video. Starting at the busy intersection of N. Broadway and W. Wilson, Marchers held signs that memorialized more than 30 young people killed by gunfire so far in 2009. Oddly, the "Marching Titans" band of Uplift Community High School played "Ring My Bell" a disco hit by Anita Ward from 1979 and seemingly inappropriate for the commemoration of the dead. Then again, maybe not. Once at Clarendon Park, the crowd engaged in a graffiti spraying contest (sanctioned by Alderman Helen Shiller despite the Chicago ban on spray paint), and a dance competition. On the edge of the park, communists had a tent sent up to sell books and recruit young people. RELATED: Black Culture of Violence in Chicago Silent Screams (Deaths of the CPS) Anita Ward - Ring My Bell - Remix by DJ Mallorca The Trammps - Disco Inferno Classical - Chopin - Funeral March 50 cent funeral music (cam diss) BPG Brass -Funeral Music for Queen Mary Leave a Comment... See Our Online Store Chicago News Bench RSS Feed We're on Twitter...