Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Steans Faces New Competition for 7th Dist IL State Senate Seat

Heather Steans won that election, and now serves in the Illinois State Senate. 2008 Challenger Suzanne Elder lobbed serious charges against Steans in back then (see video below). Steans will faces another challenger in February 2010. Equality Illinois Interim Executive Director Jim Madigan plans to run for her State Senate. He would be wise to consult with Suzanne Elder, who is still fond of telling people that Steans got into office in a less than ethical manner (to put it politely). With the backing of thousands of activist homosexuals, Madigan will surely do better against Steans than did Elder. Whether he can actually beat Steans, who is backed by the corrupt local Democrat Machine and its scummiest players, remains to be seen.

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