Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Peace Poles and Snake Handlers

Can erecting magical inanimate objects throughout a neighborhood reduce or even stop violence? A lot of folks (e.g., Liberals) believe so. I stumbled across a great post this morning at "The Chicago Lampoon." The post, titled "I'm Getting Into The "Peace Pole" Racket," is about a manifestation of what I like to call "liberal magical chanting" or just "liberal magic." The blog's author deftly mocks this infantile tendency of the Left with biting sarcasm, attacking the stupidity of what he calls "the peace pole racket" in Rogers Park. The peace poles are inanimate objects thought by liberals to possess magical powers. They believe that these objects can magically prevent murder and mayhem. Perhaps if gargoyles were placed next to the peace poles, the power would be increased. The post's author notes: "Catiana McKay, the lefty divorcee pastor of the lefty United Church of Rogers Park (that crumbling eyesore on the corner of Ashland and Morse) has come out with a sure-fire plan to combat the tsunami of violent crime that infests and infects that hellhole of a neighborhood." He goes on to comment that "The denizens of this rather eccentric Rogers Park church, truly are a mystical lot. More steeped in supernatural romanticism than the religious snake handlers, I think." I won't quote the post at length, but I urge you to read it. I will quote myself however, from the comment I left there: Crazy crap like candle light vigils, walks for peace, petunias for peace, and so on are no different than the now legendary attempt to levitate the Pentagon [in 1967] during the Vietnam War. It's almost a tacit admission by the Left that they don't have real answers to real problems, are a bunch of superstitious nutjobs (in spite of their often-antireligious posturing), and have little or no understanding of the basics of human nature. To believe that "peace poles" or "take back the night" walks will make criminals magically and spontaneously change their evil ways is akin to believing that sacrificing a lamb will pacify an angry rain god. It is secular mysticism at its best, and it is best when it is tragically funny. East Rogers Park is presided over by Alderman Joe Moore (49th Ward), a man with no deep personal beliefs and a weak moral compass. Moore is a typical liberal elected official. Like any good minor prince of the Left, Moore is happy to pretend that he agrees with the lunacy of people such as Pastor McKay. Remember that Moore is the guy behind the infamous and ill-fated foie gras ordinance. He did that for two reasons: To appease a major donor, and to posture himself favorably in the eyes of two subgroups of secular mystics, the Vegans and the Animal Rights people. Hypocrite Moore hasn't grown his huge belly and wobbly double chin by never eating mammalian flesh, nor his fair share of fried poultry. Do peace poles work? WorldCitizen (peacesites.org) thinks so, and they tell us that "Over 200,000 Peace Poles have been planted in 180 countries throughout the world. Everyone can promote peace through Peace Poles including: Individuals and Families, Groups, Organizations, and Businesses, Schools and Colleges, Police and Fire Stations, Places of Worship, Hospitals and Animal Shelters, and anywhere else you can think of." They don't tell us whether "peace" has broken out in any of those 200,000 locations, but we are asked to have faith that it has. Last time I checked, however, there was still plenty of violence and even full blown warfare going on in many of those 180 countries. Let's wrap up with a suggestion for the peace pole crowd. Look, folks, we're in tough economic times. How about putting up "Prosperity Poles" throughout all of Chicago's neighborhoods? Just in case I'm wrong, and just in case your Liberal Magic really can work, wouldn't it be nice to prevent foreclosures, personal bankruptcies, lost change, and a host of other money-related incidents? Wouldn't it be nice to know that you have magically, overnight, caused everyone in Chicago to suddenly be gainfully employed and have all the money they want? Sure it would. The success of Obama's insane stimulus programs may hinge upon it. RELATED: The Peace Pole Project About Peace Poles ‎(World Citizen)‎ The Impact of Petunias Violence Vigil: More Empty Gestures Leave a Comment... See Our Online Store Chicago News Bench RSS Feed We're on Twitter...