Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Julie Hamos Makes Up Her Mind! (Corrected)

--- Note: This post has been corrected. See correction in red, below. --- Writing like a confused and giggly 8th grade girl (lots of exclamation points!), Julie Hamos "announces" today that she is "running for Congress!" Julie was just sooooooo excited to make this announcement that she pre-announced it last weekend. So, like, today's "announcment" is technically not news. It's a formality, because she already announced it on July 27. Julie is just so excited that she really really really wants to make sure that we know that she's running for the 10th Congressional District seat in Illinois. Julie's also very excited about her brand new (not very exciting) video, called "Julie Announces Her Campaign for Congress." Her email blast today (July 28) said, in part: Today I am excited to announce my candidacy for the 10th Congressional District of Illinois! In just a few moments I will make my formal announcement to supporters in Highland Park but I also want to share a special message with you, my supporters across the state. It will take every one of us working together to bring strong Democratic leadership to the 10th Congressional District. I am grateful for your support as I explored a run for statewide office. Illinois is a big, diverse state with so much to offer. I truly enjoyed traveling the state and meeting so many of you. That's the giggly part of the emailed "announcment," which follows yesterday's pre-announcement, which comes "a few moments" before she was to make the "formal announcement" in Highland Park. Wait, that's both giggly and confusing, isn't it? Here's more confusion from Julie! How many announcements does one need to make an announcement?!? I wonder if Julie Hamos will announce that she will announce a time for her announcement that she will move to the 10th Congressional District. She and hubby Alan J. Greiman currently live in Evanston, which is in the 9th Congressional District and well south of the 10th. If she does move, then she can legally represent the 10th. Don't hold your breath for that announcement, they want to keep that quiet. CORRECTION, POST-SCRIPT: Thanks to Jeff Smith, who is running for the Illinois House of Representatives in the 18th Legislative District, was kind enough to send this corrective info to me: Under Article I, Section 2 of the Constitution, a rep to the US House must be (at the time of the election) an inhabitant of the state they represent, but need not live in their district. A quirk of the Constitution. Technically I could run for Congress from Aaron Schock's district, win, and never move there. A virtual representative. So Julie doesn't have to move. Of course, Hamos will have to move into the 10th Congressional District if she wins. Whether she wins or not, she is a carpetbagger by virtue of running to represent a district that she does not currently reside in. Legal or not, it stinks. RELATED: Julie Hamos is Lost and Confused Julie Hamos Is Lost and Confused, Act Two Leave a Comment... See Our Online Store Chicago News Bench RSS Feed We're on Twitter...