Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Obama in Economic Wonderland

Barack Obama has declared that the economic crisis is over. The nation has breathed a collective sigh of "Huh?" Andrew Breitbart wrote about this on July 20: US President Barack Obama defended his administration's response to the economic crisis over the last six months, declaring: "The fire is now out." "I think that we have stepped back from the abyss. I think we've put out the fire," he said in an interview with PBS, according to a transcript released by the TV station. Huh? There's no more "fire" to worry about in our current economic crisis? I'm not so sure about the economic fire being out, but it seems clear that Obama's pants are still burning out of control. Even before Barack Obama was sworn into office as our first foreign-born (and therefore illegitimate) president, he was working hard to "save" the U.S. from "worst economic crisis since the Great Depression." He did that by working closely with outgoing President Bush to push through a "stimulus" that would quadruple the national debt. After being sworn in, he has continued to push stimulus spending and legislation, including health care "reform." (Keep in mind that the same "oh my God, it's a crisis"-style rhetoric has been applied to the issue of health care as was applied to the "worst economic crisis since the Great Depression." Can we expect Joe Biden to admit that they've been wrong about that as well, and will Obama declare that the health care fire is out six months from now?) In early July, Vice Moron Joe Biden made an astounding statement to George Stephanopoulos in a television interview: "The truth is that we, and everyone else, misread the economy." He noted that unemployment is now "much too high," hovering just under 10 percent nationally. "And so, the truth is, there was a misreading." Biden's point, made less than three weeks ago, was that things are much worse than "everybody" thought. This makes Obama's declaration that the crisis is over all the more mysterious. Biden, like Boss Obama, is either lying through his teeth or is simply stupid. I tend to favor the former theory. Which idiot to we believe? Biden, who just told us that things are actually much worse than they thought, or Obama, who wants us to believe the worst economic crisis since the Great Depression is now, suddenly, not nearly as bad as we've been led - by him - to believe? The truth is that we have a bunch of imbeciles running the circus in Washington. The truth is that they don't know what the hell they're doing. The truth is that the confusion and the lying are so convoluted and intense in both the White House and Congress that the Democrats cannot even coordinate their own campaign of lies and disinformation. Leave a Comment... See Our Online Store Chicago News Bench RSS Feed We're on Twitter...