Julie Hamos Is Lost and Confused, Act Two

The Lisa Madigan decision, on July 8, to seek re-election to the Attorney General's office seems to have knocked Rep. Julie Hamos for a loop. She stumbles around in the dark, searching for a flashlight, stubbing her toes, but can't find the light. Hamos is still lost and confused, but she's smart enough to know that looking lost and confused is not so smart. Too bad for the Illinois state representative that it took her two weeks to realize that. Chicago News Bench noted on July 9 that Hamos (D-Evanston) seems to be dazed and staggering after her dreams of running for IL Attorney General were dashed when Lisa Madigan announced that she would seek re-election as AG. That was the morning of July 8, and that afternoon Hamos sent an email blast that essentially admitted that she was not sure what course she should now take. More importantly, it was an admission that she had no great interest in seeking re-election as the 18th District's representative in Springfield. Today, Hamos reasserts that admission. It's probably an unintentional (and clumsy) admission, but once again she says that she doesn't know what the hell she's doing. After two weeks of virtual silence, and of constituents wondering what course she will pursue, Hamos announced today that she will make an announcment on Tuesday, July 28. Her email today, July 25, said this: "I am pleased to tell you that after a great deal of discussion with you and many other supporters," Hamos said in her July 25 email blast (shown above), "I have made some decisions about my future and I plan on making a public announcement next Tuesday at noon." On July 8, a Hamos email said this: "Over the past few months I have met with Democratic and community leaders and heard the concerns of voters across Illinois. In the coming days I plan to revisit those supporters and ask for their best ideas on how I can work for the people of Illinois. I look forward to hearing their ideas and input as I discuss my next steps with my family." There's no substantive difference between the two emails. It's as though Hamos is still undecided, but she and her advisors realized that they had to say something, and fast, to placate what few supporters she still has. That, and to buy a little more time while she actually decides what to say next Tuesday. Imagine the frantic phone calls and meetings going on this weekend in Evanston. The big question is, "What is Hamos running for?" Even her own web site gives no hint. On a page there, you can sign up for "alerts from our campaign," but clicking through gives no information. There, you are told only this: Events move fast these days, so the best way to keep up is with e-mail. Please fill out the form below to receive regular updates from me on my new initiatives and on issues important to you. Your contact information is should be private and will remain so with us. We will never share your contact information with any other party without your express permission. Fast indeed, so fast that Hamos seems to be in too much of a hurry to say just what her "campaign" is for. Will she make a decision before Tuesday, July 28? RELATED: IL-10: Hamos To Announce Next Week - Progress Illinois Quinn: “I plan to run” - The Capitol Fax Blog Julie Hamos - 18th District Illinois State Representative - official web site Leave a Comment... See Our Online Store Chicago News Bench RSS Feed We're on Twitter...

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