Monday, June 8, 2009

Revenge for Screwed Chicago Parkers

Parking in the City of Chicago is a nightmare, generally. The idiots in the City Council ("Clowncil") and the idiot Mayor Daley just keep making it more difficult for people to park their cars. This, of course, hurts merchants, which hurts employees, which hurts everybody. Still, the morons (mostly Democrats) who think they can run your lives couldn't even run the damned parking meters in this City With Sagging Shoulders, so they privatized them. That deal has resulted in one of the largest cluster f#@%s in world history. The rushed deal to privatize the meters was made for about one billion dollars less than it should have been, to the city's disadvantage and to the advantage of LAZ. Chicago's Mayor Daley is lately busy making excuses about his massive frittering away of the city's parking meter to private corporation LAZ. The complicit City Clowncil members are busy pretending they opposed the deal, when in fact the whole thing was "debated" for only an hour or so prior to being rubber stamped. Meanwhile, the people continue to be screwed every way to Sunday with parking tickets, booted cars, fines, court time, frustration and infuriating inconvenience. Which brings us to "The Expired Meter," a web site that promises to help you get revenge. The person who operates the site calls him/herself "The Parking Geek." He/she explains the motivation behind the clever - and useful - web site:

As a driving Chicagoan for nearly 20 years, I have received many, many, many parking tickets. I have bright orange seared into my retinas.I have paid the city hundreds of dollars in fines. An embarrassing amount. I am, obviously, an idiot. Eventually, I got angry at all the parking tickets I was getting. Because the majority were issued improperly. So I started fighting back…and winning. Over the years, despite basically failing at everything else, I became very good at beating Chicago parking tickets.Now, as my plan to get revenge on the city, I want to share my knowledge and teach other Chicago drivers how to beat their parking tickets, rip the cash out of the city’s dirty, greedy hands and put that money back in your wallet.

Revenge is sweet, and so is The Expired Meter web site.

Post Script: It is ironic that the Chicago City Council, a virtually-100% Democrat body, was in such a hurry to privatize something as relatively straightforward as parking meters. It is ironic because they would all tell you that they favor socialized health care (government-run health care, nationalized health care, Obama-care, Hillary-care, whatever you want to call it). Think about it: They can't even manage parking meters, so they push it into private sector hands. Yet those same people push the idea of government-run health care, eager to pull it out of the private sector's hands. Although the parking meters are a "local" issue, and the health care debate is national, it should be remembered that any national health care program that is passed will be administered on the local levels. In Chicago, those administrators will most likely be politically connected apparatchiks of the fool Richard M. Daley and his circus of fools on the City Clowncil. Finally, Barack Obama and many top advisors are - and forever will be - former Chicago Machine Democrats. Just because they've been elected or appointed to higher office does not mean they have suddenly acquired the wisdom to run our health care system - let alone a system as simple as a city's parking meters.

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