Monday, June 1, 2009

Police Scanner Soundbites, 24th District, Chicago

JUNE 1, 2009 - 24TH DISTRICT, CHICAGO JUST ANOTHER DAY The raw notes, taken in real time: 6130 N. Claremont 2:03 PM - Female Officer - "6130 on Claremont, ASSIST!" Dispatcher starts help rolling toward her to assist. 2:05 - Female "STEP IT UP! STEP IT UP!" 2:06 - Male officer, "Slow it down" 2:06 - Dispatch "Offender in custody" 2:06 - Male, "Get an ambulance rolling toward Claremont" 2:08 - Male, "No more units needed here" Dispatcher, "Ambulance is rolling" 2:08 - Male, "We need a wagon and leg irons over here" 2:10 - Dispatcher asks a unit to look for a black man who is scamming businesses on W. Howard. Unit comes back and says he's trying to disperse a crowd at "1500-1600" W. Howard. He added, "It's a warm day and it's pretty busy up here." 2:11 PM Dispatch says "Male white, light colored shirt, balding on the top, gray van, 65 yrs of age, last seen eastbound on Farwell. He's asking women if they need a ride." Gray minivan, license plate starts with 231." 2:12 PM Suspicious auto with occupants, Farwell at Lakewood. 2:12 PM - 2808 W. Touhy - Sex offense in progress... Now walking southbound on California... 2:17 PM - Officer radios, " 6180 N. Claremont , one officer going to hospital, some officers going to station with offender" RELATED: Rogers Park Resident Calls CAPS "Silly" Leave a Comment Here... See our cool merchandise... Chicago News Bench RSS Feed Hey! ChiNewsBench is on Twitter