Monday, June 8, 2009

Labour Pains in UK a Warning for US Politicians

British Prime Minister Gordon Brown is having a bad week. His bad week started yesterday. The current bad week follows a string of bad ones that led up to yesterday's low-turnout European Parliament elections. Brown, possibly the dumbest lump of protoplasm ever to occupy Number 10 Downing Street, is likely to be forced out of power by his own unhappy Labour Party power brokers. From The Wall Street Journal, June 8, 2009: The U.K.'s ruling Labour Party suffered big losses Sunday in early results from elections for European Parliament seats, heaping further pressure on Prime Minister Gordon Brown and giving a lift to fringe parties as voters expressed their anger over the Parliamentary expense scandal. Scandal. Yes, yes, but really that's not the biggest issue. The expense scandal was merely one of the last straws dropped onto a mountainous heap on the electorate's back. As in the United States, Britons have been suffering under misguided economic policies for some time under Brown. (Dissatisfaction with Brown was well established before the expense scandals, which included a number of MPs virtually all political parties.) Relatively speaking, Brown's economic policies are actually worse than those of Barack Obama (so far). The WSJ report continues: The results are likely to provide more ammunition for Mr. Brown's critics, who are calling for him to step down, arguing that under his leadership the party can't win a general election that must be called within a year. Early election results showed that Mr. Brown's Labour Party could be heading for third place in elections for 72 European Parliament seats. Perhaps Daniel Hannan, Conservative MEP for the South East of England, said it best in his now famous and stunningly brilliant speech (see the video) to the EU Parliament. He ripped Gordon Brown a new arse hole in a style unmatched, calling Brown "the devalued Prime Minister of a devalued Government." Indeed. The biggest beneficiaries were the opposition Conservative Party and the UK Independence Party, which wants to pull Britain back from integration into the European Union. Underscoring the rightward, anti-European drift, the anti-immigration British National Party won two seats - its first in the European Parliament. In other words, British voters seem to be as sick of their major political parties as we in the U.S. are of ours. They have expressed their disgust with the political status quo, the selling out of their nation by their own "leaders," and the pawning off of Britain's economic future. The UK is ahead of the US in time only. Democrats and their Republican enablers in the US take note: This is a harbinger of things to come here in 2010. RELATED: European elections - story of the night - Times Online Support for Labour collapses - Aberdeen Press and Journal Economic woes send Europeans to fringes at polls - Seattle Times Britain's Brown faces revolt after poll thrashing - Reuters Far right make gains in ten member states - EU election tilts toward the right - Philadelphia Inquirer Vote Stings Europe Leaders, Shows a Swing to the Right - Wall Street Journal See Comments... Visit Our Online Store Chicago News Bench RSS Feed Hey! ChiNewsBench is on Twitter