Monday, June 15, 2009

Iran Protesters Braver Than "Tea Party" Protesters

The whole world loves Obama? Not quite. Iranians, upset back in January by Obama's failure to do anything substantial regarding Gaza, are not exactly fans of Barack Obama. More recently, many Iranians are dissing Obama for his gutless lack of any condemnation of the obvious election fraud there last week. Photos of the Gutless Appeaser were burned in January (click photo for link), others were made to look as though blood was dripping from his lying mouth, and still others were placed on the ground to be trampled upon. Today, hundreds of thousands of Iranian people are risking arrest or even being shot by police as they disobey anti-rally orders as they march through the streets. Most Tea Party protesters, in contrast, won't attend a rally if they can't be assured of a good parking space, a latte for the march and a nice place to grab lunch afterward. In most of the rest of the world, freedom is still thought of as something worth dying for - or at least risking latte deprivation for. Ironically and sadly, too many Americans no longer bother to get out of their easy chairs to stand up for their fundamental rights. Now, I ask you, when will the timid and so-far gutless Tea Party "protesters" start getting serious and doing this? "What?!?" you say, "how can you ask that?!? Are you suggesting that Tea Party protesters burn Obama in effigy?" Damned right I am. Democrats have burned effigies of every Republican president since Lincoln. And remember, folks, dissent is patriotic. Haven't you heard? While some Iranians were chanting "Death to Obama," I would urge people to NOT do that. It's not only illegal and stupid and wrong, it's also what Democrats and leftists have chanted about every Republican president since Lincoln. While I would urge adopting some tactics of the Left, we don't want to become too much like them. And while we're at it, let's ask ourselves why in hell the residents of Cook County haven't yet picked up pitchforks and torches and stormed Cook County offices. "What?!?" you might say, "how can you ask that?!? Are you suggesting that people storm the offices of Cook County government?" Damned straight. After all, the people of Iran are upset about an election being stolen. What the hell do you think Todd Stroger and the iron-fisted tyrants of the Cook County Democrat Party did in 2006? (In case you don't know, let Cook County Commissioner Tony Peraica explain it to you in this video. You might want to invest in a pitchfork after watching it.) See Comments... Visit Our Online Store Chicago News Bench RSS Feed Hey! ChiNewsBench is on Twitter