Friday, June 5, 2009

H&M's Ridiculous Fashion Against AIDS Campaign

One of the dumbest ad campaigns I've seen in quite a while is this one for H&M in conjunction with Designers Against AIDS (DAA). H&M Fashions is a huge, international corporation that operates in 34 countries. It has 73,000 employees. Although H&M has "Fashion Against AIDS" billboards around the country, it seems impossible to find a single reference to it on their annoying web site, even on their "Corporate Responsibility" page. This would make their association with DAA's Fashion Against AIDS seem a bit shallow, if not cynical. As for DAA, they seem only slightly less shallow and cynical. Go to their annoying web site and you get the feeling that it's all about them, not the disease they claim to be fighting. Self-promotion and glitz seems to eclipse any transparency about how their solicited donations will be spent. I'm not accusing them of anything like a scam or dishonesty, but would it kill them to tell donors how their money will actually help fight AIDS? Finally, take another look at the billboard in my photo here, at a bus stop in Chicago. See that hot, sexy woman in her hot, sexy, fashionable leotard thingy? I couldn't help wondering how that makes a young man feel. Well, actually, I know how that would make a young man feel, and that feeling would do nothing in the way of helping to prevent the spread of AIDS. Seriously, if DAA and H&M want to promote anti-AIDS fashion, they'd be better advised to introduce a line of burlap bags and other equally un-sexy items. Leave a Comment Here... See our cool merchandise... Chicago News Bench RSS Feed Hey! ChiNewsBench is on Twitter